I Don’t want to emerge as a Butterfly

It is fine being a liquid in a chrysalis, but I don’t want to emerge as a butterfly and have everyone comment on my beauty and fragility, ignoring my core of powerful wisdom. I have considered bursting forth as a dragon, but do not want to engage in that hunted-by-prince-saved-by-maiden mythos. And besides, I do not crave gold. And while emerging as a mermaid would be lovely and fill my soul, I would immediately be mistaken for a Kraken with a tendency toward creative destruction. Which would also be lovely.

I would rather emerge as a wild wind moving a stormy sea, or a tower of swirling fire in the darkest night. Or a brilliant cloud leading the way out of the desert. Or perhaps hot lava pouring into a cold ocean, building new rocks and land as I slowly cool. If this is truly a time of transformation, I wish to emerge as a force of nature, flying free in my power without fear or apology.

It is possible that I do not need to move through liquid stage in a dark womb, recapitulating my first gestation and birth. Or perhaps that is the journey of life, from emergy to liquid to solid and back again. Each time we embrace the experience, we shed another false shroud allowing our soul’s true craving to emerge.

And yet, there is something seductive about the chrysalis, something about the dark that resonates within me. Maybe I am already a force of nature, providing the darkness that allows the light to shine.   

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  1. Love these images!

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