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You can listen live at 12radio Monday at 10am pacific. Missed my live show? Don’t worry. This is where you can find the podcasts from my radio show!

September 17, Everyday Rituals:

September 10, The Kabbalah of Rosh Hashanah:

September 3, Changing course:

August 26th, Voices everywhere, what am I to think?:

August 20th, from Grief to Joy:

August 13th, From fitting in to Belonging:

August 10th, From Shame to Gratitude:

August 3rd, Agreements with our animals, Guest Delaya Diana:

July 27, Passion and Courage:

July 20th, from Fear to Happiness:

July 13th, moving from hopelessness to happiness:

July 5th, how to stop worrying:

July 4th, Music that got us through rough times:

June 29th, A woman with wings:

June 22, Authenticity, Spirituality

June 19, Loneliness:

June 15, Happiness continued:

June 8, Happiness:   

June 14, Spirituality is not a competitive sport:

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