All your hard work is about to pay off Aquarius. June is a month of manifesting in your career, finances and relationships. Your creativity is high this month, so be ready to keep charging forward with your new ideas. As the month begins expect more people to be drawn to you from all directions. There will be advice and positive input in the career front that helps you believe that anything is possible, which of course it is. Expect love to find you by the middle of the month. Your ideas and creativity are attracting a great deal of attention, and this will result in meeting someone from an unexpected direction. This might be a someone from your past or a past life coming back and professing their love. The month continues with the energy of prosperity flowing through you. There is a possible trip in at the end of the month. Let go of your expectations and it will be a lovely experiences. The more you release your focus on specific outcomes the more magic will fill your life. And this is a season of magic for you, so open your arms and embrace it

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