No Aquarius, you cannot jump the space-time continuum and move into a parallel universe. But staying in this one might feel much the same. Life in June will feel like a teeter-totter, up and down but a bit less predictable. Collaborations will shift, as will partnerships and relationships. Hang in there and enjoy the ride. Keep yourself busy with all your many projects, especially if they include writing or speaking or expressing your unique view in some other way.

Life is really lovely right now, even if there is a pandemic and your love life and career are on hold. This is a wonderful time to chat with your soul about your true cravings, the true reasons you came to this planet. What is the gift you are here to share? It might be marching in protests, but it also might be holding space and meditating for the planet. Only you can hear that drum beat that calls you, only you can see that distant star.

It is time wait and watch life come to you. Stop chasing your dreams, they are circling back into your life. The world is finally catching up with your vision of life. Open your arms and welcome the next adventure.


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