Welcome to a bit of a reprieve from the chaos of the last many months. You have been working hard in all areas of your life, from career to love to health. This work pays off in August, but in typically Aquarian style, perhaps not in the way you imagined. The month begins with old doors closing and new ones opening. Do not be surprised to be a bit emotional (not your thing, I know) through this time. Even though the endings were planned and expected, there is still a bit of pain and fear. Turn and focus on the doors opening. By mid-month you will be off and running in these same areas with new or renewed relationships, career clarity, and financial understandings. Partnerships in work will be a bit more important in this time period. You will find a way to blend your innate independence with new partnerships that benefit you and many other people. Try saying yes and be willing to test new waters. The end of the month brings the truth of your future into focus, and you feel a mixture of relief, excitement and a bit of exhaustion. A trip to the ocean or mountains will revitalize you and prepared you for an adventurous fall.

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