Have you been feeling bored and restricted Aries? Well get ready to pivot in June. While the world is still on partial lock-down, your world is about to open up with new challenges and adventures. Remember that your interpretation of these events will guide your response and experience.

Your health should continue strong through the month, and you will need your stamina to keep up with the changes around you. Make sure you find ways to exercise, eat right, perhaps meditate, and stay physically strong. Perhaps research some innovated ideas that will help you feel safer.

Relationships this month are a bit of a challenge. You are seeing the strengths and weaknesses in your relationships, and want to improve things. You are also focused on keeping your family and friends safe. Remember that the people around you also need your emotional support so they feel safer. All of this will improve by the second week in June and leave you reflecting on the changes in your life.

Money will start to flow again. You will be making some changes in how you do business and perhaps the major services you offer. All of this will shift you towards better financial stability. Keep looking forward and the world will open up for you.

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