August opens with a reminder that you cannot do everything on your own. This is not an easy message for the independent warrior to hear, but life often tells us what we need to hear, not what we want to hear. The beginning of the month finds you focusing on the many partnerships in your life. While you are very astute financially, the connection with others will improve your growth in this area. Expect the same energy to infuse your career. Yes, you are a strong leader, but the universe is bringing you wonderful ideas from new directions and new partnerships. Listen before you evaluate. Contemplate before you decide. This energy spreads through the middle of the month with family front and center in your life. Leave the armor at the door and remember that you fight battles to keep those you love safe. Show them this and they will respond with love. The end of the month finds you reaping the rewards of this more quiet approach to life. Business ventures more forward, career opens up, your family is happy for your presence, and you feel like satiated and content. At least until fall calls you to your next adventure.

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