October beckons you to slow down and re-evaluate your life path. You have been wanting a change, but have continued to push in one direction. There are many reasons for this, none of which matter at the end of the day when you feel exhausted and drained. The Warrior in you might want to keep moving forward, but you grow tired of the battle.

The month starts with an unexpected invitation to go on a short trip with friends, one that promises relaxation and a sense of calm. Say yes and by the middle of the month you will feel stronger and ready to shift your focus from achievement to connection.

As you approach the end of the month you will gain clarity around your relationships and be willing to release those that do not serve you so that you can spend more time with people you love. You might be surprised to see how you can work less and make more money, as well as the many ways that deep love feeds your soul. By the end of the month you feel revitalized, but also different, and not quite as anxious to join the battle. Settle into this new calmness and watch the love around you deepen and grow.

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