Your ruling planet Mars has moved into Aries, which might have you feeling a bit anxious, a bit angry, and ready to blast forward into the future. You have the energy of the Jabberwocky (Alice in Wonderland) this month, and you feel just as frustrated! You are emotionally done with the whole virus thing and want to move back to building your kingdom.

These past few months have been a hero’s journey for you. Your inner Jabberwocky has faced the vorpal sword, experienced the death of some of your dreams, but you have kept your head. Your dreams are not really dead they have just been rearranged and reordered. It is up to you to see the potential and value in this new world that is emerging around you. Many dreams needed to pass away for you to claim your true power and glory.

Abundant love and success are in your future. But just as the Jabberwocky had to transform, so do you. Let the old die and the new emerge and you will see positive results by the end of the month.

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