October is a month to slow down and appreciate all you have learned on your new pathway. You have been working hard and reaching your goals, so do not be surprised if that area of your life slows down a bit. You have been on a cycle of growth and expansion, and that will continue, but at a much more manageable pace.

By the middle of the month, you will feel stronger and healthier and ready to pay a bit more attention to your home life. You miss those connections and need to spend time cooking and eating with loved ones. Taking time to refuel your heart will clarify your goals and help you understand the changes you have chosen to make in your life. All of these major life shifts lead to a great sense of wisdom and strength greater prosperity. The month ends with you feeling confident in your decisions and seeing a new way forward in all your career and financial areas. Do not become discouraged if people around you resist your new ideas. In the end, you will create the prosperity you have always wanted, both for yourself and for those you love.

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