June invites you to look at where you are moving sideways or backwards while you are trying to move forward. You have been enjoying success in life even through these tumultuous times. Your health is good, and you project that image of someone who has created the life they desire.

In so many ways you are living your dream. However, in other ways you have spent time creating the world those around you desire. Notice how you are more frustrated and feel like people are being disloyal? Take some time and examine what you have created and reflect on how you feel. Does this life fill you with joy, or do you feel buried under commitments to others?

This month will turn this upside down and around in your life. But all of this is for the good. Sometimes we have to let things fall apart so we can focus on what we truly appreciate and care about. Let the shadows fall around you as you walk forward into the life that will serve your spiritual growth.

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