This is a month of social activity Cancer! The month starts with invitations and opportunities galore from new and old directions. You might feel pulled in too many directions if you do not draw some boundaries around your time. You know what you want to focus on but need to protect your time. There will be a great deal of support from your inner circle, but be careful with sharing too much information with too many people. You will feel the need to pace yourself by mid-month, and in fact might want to hide away from the world for a day. Consider a pampering treatment of some sort. This will get you back on your feet so you can enjoy the rest of the month. The end of the month shifts the focus to finances and career. Expect and welcome some new and wonderful financial opportunities. Put your fears aside and embrace this new self-definition. That elusive prosperity you have been chasing is about to make an appearance! Get ready see a new you reflected in the mirror Set a place at the table for this new friendly abundance.

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