August seems to flow seamlessly from July for you Cancer. You have focused on your own needs and are finding the joy in taking care of yourself. The month opens with you happily discovering new ways to think about money and finances, an area that has not necessarily been your strength in the past. How wonderful to enjoy a journey that makes you simultaneously feel financially stable and able to help others! This feeling continues through the middle of the month as you build comfort with this new sense of self. At some deep level, you have changed the way you define yourself through this process and should feel proud. As always, when we change ourselves we change our relationships. So be prepared to change the relationships you want to grow, as well as the ones you wish to leave behind. You might find yourself confidently creating new powerful boundaries for yourself. While your health might have suffered through all this transformation, the end of the month finds your feeling physically and emotionally strong and secure. You have worked hard Cancer, so enjoy this reward. You have built a foundation that will serve as a launching pad into an exciting autumn adventure.

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