You had a wonderful summer Capricorn and remembered how to play and have fun. You needed that break as October calls you back to work, but with a slightly different focus. The month starts with your clients affirming your value and worth. It is time to capitalize on that success as you embrace the opportunity to move your career in a new direction. Take some time to imagine what you can build, find the support you need for this new direction, and start the shift.

You are coming to an end of carrying so many people and projects on your shoulders. As you find a bit more freedom and breathing room in your life you realize that there are ways to build a career that allows you this sense of freedom. Use your reputation as a jumping-off point and ask your clients about other ways you can make their lives better. They will give you those clues you need as well as permission. This shift will give you time to focus on your family and friends, an area that feeds your soul. Autumn brings you wonderful gifts and opportunities. You are ready for this change, so do not hesitate. It will be the change you have been craving.

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