August is all about choice for you Capricorn. Do you want to be right and in charge or do you want to compromise and be happy? The month starts with you facing many options, and your choices will determine the direction of the next several months. Your health and relationships will be important, though you will want to focus on your career. You do have a lovely form of ambition and can feel quite driven. However, this often comes at the expense of your health and relationships. Take the time to invest in your wellness and your loved ones and, amazingly, your career and finances will soar. This might be a confusing month for you because your old strategies will not be effective. Yes, career success is on the horizon, but through relationships and health. The middle of the month finds you learning this lesson and feeling happy with the love around you and the healthy changes you are experiencing. Keep going, you have found a new strong formula for life. The end of the month brings you unexpected career opportunities. Take the time to include your loved ones in the conversation and then accept the challenge. You are ready to shine.

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