June is a month of discernment for you Capricorn. Your life is always about building and protecting. You vision of yourself as a knight in armor, hoping to guard those you love. This includes your friends, family, career, and vocation. This month has you assessing your past and planning your future. You may have less to protect and feel at odds with your life choices. This is the month to examine those choices.

You have put so many plans on hold while you took care of others. It is time to take them out and brush off some old skills and desires that you have almost forgotten. This is not the time for quick decisions, but for thoughtful reflection. Are you thinking of starting a new partnership? Give yourself a bit of time before you sign that contract. Changes are in the air, and you might feel like a horse at the starting gate, but take a few breaths before you move forward.

You actually have a better life than you realize. Perhaps it is time to dig into your past and look at the demons that still haunt you. Are your choices helping you or blocking you? It is time to take an honest look at what you invest in daily and how that manifests in your life. June is about transformation, but it is up to you to accept and participate.

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