Be ready to get to work Capricorn. June is a month of working towards your goals and seeing your ambitions take shape. The beginning of the month finds you feeling secure in relationships, family and your health. This is a wonderful launching pad for a month focused on advancing your career and your finances. The changes you have made in your career life are now paying off. Yes, you need to work hard, but the work will be rewarded. The middle of the month finds you tempted to increase you spending to match your new found wealth. This is a great time to seek out advice on investments and spending. While a bit of luxury might be wonderful in the short term, you are best served by setting your sights on long range financial plans. June is a wonderful month to make sure your paperwork and accounts are all in order, from wills to bank accounts and insurance policies. Get all the help you need to clean up this area of your life. By the end of the month you are feeling the need to reconnect with family and friends after all your hard work. Take some time to celebrate close to home.

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