September finds you in good health and happy with your family and relationships Capricorn. This gives you the time you need to focus on your career and avocation. The month opens with you exploring your need for meaning and purpose. You can find this in a career or avocation or volunteer work. However and where ever you find this, it is the focus of the month. Saturn and Pluto are still pushing you to examine and dismantle the old structures that no longer serve you so that you can build a life that is future focused. These changes are challenging, but you have the support of family and friends and are ready for a different life. By the middle of the month you have a bit more clarity and know what you need to change. You are ready to leave old wounds and personal myths behind so you can create true prosperity. Your focus stays on career or avocation as the month comes to a close. You will feel renewed and energized with the clarity you have gained, and this will show up in the way you approach your life. This energy flows into relationships and you feel a bit richer in every area of your life.

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