Have you been feeling challenged Gemini? June bring opportunities for resolutions and deeper commitments.  Family and relationship issues need some attention at the beginning of the month, so keep your friends and loved ones close. It is important to listen deeply to their needs and concerns. Take some time to reflect on what you hear and clarify your own relationship desires. The middle of the month brings some clarity of purpose and a sense of commitment. Reach out for guidance as you navigate these issues and you will find life has shifted by the end of the month. Be prepared to release relationships that are not healthy, to shift old relationships into a something new, and to welcome new people and options into your life. This month might feel like the winds are quartering around you without rhyme or reason, but there is a deeper meaning and purpose in all the changes. This is the month that opens the doorways to a magical and amazing summer and autumn. Try for a bit of patience and beauty will find you.

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