August finds you deeply connected to others Gemini and having a great deal of fun meeting new people. As always you are trying to do too much and have more ideas than you know what to do with. However, you have built a support group that will help you better focus all the energy. August is the month that pushes you to listen to friends and family and work on completing tasks before you start something new. Do not worry, the new ideas and opportunities will not vanish into the night. In fact, the more you focus now, the better prepared you will be to embrace the many options that always come your way. By mid-month you find the need to work on your social skills if you want to be included in group planning or events. The lesson is to restrain your anger and aggression, and yes you have a bit of both, and to practice listening to understand. Hold back on your opinions a bit and be thoughtful when you hear thoughts you disagree with. You have a quick mind, which can be a gift and a challenge. The month ends with some lovely new insights and opportunities as you continue to practice this new way of relating to others.

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