June asks you to slow down and stop spinning. Yes, I know the entire world has moved into slow motion and you are frustrated, but this is not the time to burst out into the world. Look inward Gemini and build the balance you need for the next part of your life.

This is a great time to find the balance between health, relationships, career and your spiritual life. You love to be with people, but have you chosen the best people for your life? Look around you. Who do you need to walk away from and who do you need to stay close to? This is a great time to take a wait-and-see attitude.

Do the same with your finances. What decisions have you made that support the life you want and what decisions have cost you dearly? It is time to examine your relationship with money and your career choices. You can build the life you want but not necessarily in the same way. It is time to acknowledge that you have the power to choose, and often most leave something behind.

Love can be in the air for you if you are willing to start over in some ways. Let go of any grudges, old belief systems or learned behaviors that are blocking you from love as well as from a life of powerful health.


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