Of course, you are just SO done with 2020. If you could you would just fast-forward through the next six months and leave 2020 in your rear-view mirror. Unfortunately, we still have half a year to go. But do not worry, the energy is moving and you are going to ride any new wave that comes by you. You know that your focus is on fun and communication. It might be a great time to write a book or start a blog or perhaps a podcast. Talk about all the many things you know, and recite poetry with a twist. Perhaps the Walrus and the Carpenter from Alice in Wonderland, or perhaps you will solve the riddle about the ways a raven is like a writing desk.

Keep your mind busy, but remember to rest your body. This month continues to challenge us with eclipses and transits, but you are ready to face these challenges. Watch and listen for messages of hope and joy, because the air will be full of them. Do not be surprised to find bird feathers falling in your path. They are gifts from the sky telling you that you are brave and wise.

Be a bit patient, even though it is not your style. Get rest, even though you would rather run. Vision the world you want to live in and watch in unfold before you.


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