August starts with a roar that suits your Leo style. The time you took in July to refuel serves you well as you leap back into your career. There have been many changes, and there are more to come, but you will weather them all with grace and dignity. You will find a few surprises along the way, including praise from unexpected people and new financial opportunities. Your family and friends will still be very important as you venture into unexplored territory, leaving the comfort of one pride of lions for a new one you are building. Even though you might feel insecure or worried through this process, the stars are aligned in your favor and you will have support and guidance from unseen quarters. Expect and welcome the way that synchronicity helps you on your way. Through the middle of the month make sure to watch your health. You might be pushing too hard as you sense the ending and new beginnings in your life approaching. You have all the time you need, so slow down and let life unfold before you. This is your time Leo, great adventures await you. You will know when to stalk and when to pounce.

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