You have been fighting hard this year in your career, but October brings you to the end of this battle. The month begins with you feeling a bit more relaxed and less involved in the competitive world around you. You have a sense of perspective that helps you stay involved and yet distant. You are becoming aware of the ways you have been trapped and where you crave freedom. As you pull back you realize that some of your decisions have come from old patterns that you no longer care about.

By the middle of the month, you have walked away from many old battles and found that you do not miss them. This is a  month that finds you building a new sense of self-esteem based less on what the world thinks and more on what you know to be true. You move through the month more and more convinced that you have done good work in this world and now wish to change directions, using your wisdom and experience to guide others. Your focus shifts to home and health while you prepare for new opportunities. All the skills and lessons you have learned over the last several years will serve you well through this transition.

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