June has a few more surprises for you Leo, but stay strong. All of the incredible changes and challenges you have face in the past year are helping you shift your focus so you can create a life that truly supports you. Be prepared to be suddenly lifted into the spotlight, and then to choose to take a solitary walk in the dark woods.

You are finally focusing on your emotional, physical and spiritual health. That is great news since the last several years have left you exhausted. Keep this pattern going by preparing an exit speech and learning to say no to offers that do not fit your needs or honor your strengths.

This month will bring surprises in relationships. You might revisit old connections, find and build new friendships, and perhaps fall in love. Of course we can fall in love with a person or an idea or an opportunity, but this one will tied to people in your life. Love in so many ways will be the theme of the summer, so leave your heart open to new adventures.



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