Set your intentions Leo, and make sure to take your vitamins! The beginning of the month will feel challenging in the areas of work and finances. You will wonder why no one else around you is doing their job and why it is all landing on your shoulders. The energy shifts however by mid-month and you will see the end in sight from. Do not let the struggles overtake you. In the end they will not matter and are just distractions. Focus on building the financial security that you have worked so hard for. This is the last rough patch before the downhill run. The end of the month finds you tired and needing to rejuvenate. Make sure you have an adventurous and fun trip planned for the end of the month. Grab a friend and travel to somewhere exotic, or somewhere new. This will revitalize your spirits and your body, setting you up to face the rest of the summer with your inner fire fully ablaze! Do not spend time worrying, this is a time of transition. You are giving birth to your new life and it will be wonderful.

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