June starts with a bang Libra. Be clear about what you wish for, since the universe is listening to your dreams and your worries. Focus on the beauty and positive aspects of your life and that is what you will draw to you. Let go of your fears and focus on what you love. The universe is asking you to dream a bit bigger and reach a bit further, without latching on to a specific outcome. Focus on the possibilities and watch the world begin to open up by the middle of the month. And now let it all unfold around you. Resist the urge to immediately find the perfect answer or person or situation. Your best life is opening before you, but you cannot push any of this into existence. Instead pay attention to your health and your finances. Are you living a life that is in alignment with your values? Are you paying attention to the messages around you? In fact, are you searching for what you really desire?

The end of the month brings a sense of clarity and fullness. You are ready to receive the love you have been seeking in all aspects of your life.

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