Has life been a bit to touchy-feely for you Libra? No worries, June brings in a new focus and a new agenda. While life has been fine in many ways, it is time for you to focus back on your own sense of meaning and purpose. What is important in your life? What has been driving you crazy that you wish to leave behind? This is the month that you bring order and calm back into your life.

Look around you this month and you will notice that the world is shifting. However those changes seem to be leaving you alone as you stand on the foundation you have built. Your finances are solid and your career choices make sense to you. However, leadership opportunities might present themselves to you this month. You do not have to say yes, but do acknowledge that people respect your abilities and talents.

Take all the time you need to make your decisions. You have been a bit bored, but you do not want to rush into something that will consume your time and energy. You have everything you need, so stop and think about what you really want in your life. Contentment is lovely, and at times boring. Stay open to the changes that present themselves and choose those that will provide some fun and personal satisfaction.

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