October offers you more opportunities for growth and new beginnings, but it is up to you to change your attitude and focus if you want to shift your life. October brings you opportunities for new beginnings in finances that will work to your advantage. You have been generous through the year and now find a desire to pull in and be a bit more selective about who you share your talents with. You might even find that you are willing to put up a bit of a fight for what you believe you deserve and how you want to be treated.

By the middle of the month, you are feeling the shift begin and you have a sense of relief as you focus less on the many needs of others and more on your own desires. While you are usually willing to settle for a bit less in the name of peace, make sure that you are heard and do not feel forced into a decision. The end of the month finds you enjoying time with your few close friends and loving the changing season. This time will revitalize and prepare you for a late fall full of exciting opportunities and gifts.

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