August finds you feeling powerful and strong Libra. This is not your typical style, but embrace the sense that life is going your way. The month opens with you being a bit more aggressive in life, pushing forward financially and in your career. This is a great month to take a few well-calculated risks in these areas. Family and friends are there to support you, and the odd disagreements seem to just fade away. You have created a wonderful foundation for growth in relationships and your health. The middle of the month finds you moving ahead and several directions without feeling scattered. It seems that all your efforts are connected and linked together in one grand master plan. You are correct. You are building a lovely life from the center out, building the structure through your desires. The changes will ripple to the surface and the outer world will match your inner world. As the month ends you will add a bit of travel to the mix. While this might start as pleasure, there will be an element that supports both your career and your relationships. Be ready to say yes to invitations and possibilities while at the same time doing your research before you invest your money. August is a lovely prelude to what will be an amazing autumn.

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