What would happen if you set some life goals Libra? You have been feeling restrained, and a bit awkward at home. You may have found numerous reasons to get out of the house on a regular basis, especially in safe ways. The retrogrades have sent your sense of aesthetic down the rabbit hole, In fact, you probably feel like Alice, not sure which life is real. Wonderland or the world above? Each requires you to be your best and strongest self, but in different ways. you have to see the world through different eyes and adjust to different realities. Yes, this is true of everyone in some ways right now. But for you the experience is dizzying.

Alice fell down the rabbit hole to learn who she was and what she cared about. She was not a queen but brought a sense of meaning to the crazy chess game. You are doing the same this month. It is a great time to toss anything that no longer delights or serves you. Look in the mirror, and perhaps even crawl through it to the room on the other side. Which “Alice” do you want to be? In truth, you are both. This knowledge will open up the spiritual journey before you.

While you have left the world behind, but not permanently. Wonderland is nice to visit on rare occasions, but it is not your home. However, it does teach you to see through distractions and illusions as you find your way through all the confusion. Those skills will help you walk with confidence on your path this month. Yes, the world is confusing. But that does not mean you have to be confused.

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