August is a slow and steady month for you Pisces. Career, health and love all continue to move in positive directions, so let the universe flow to its own timing. Everything in your life is connected to your emotions and relationships, which is both a gift and a challenge. The challenge this month is to embrace your emotions while honoring the emotions of your partners, friends and colleagues. The month begins much like a lazy river. You know that water is flowing in the correct direction, but not at your preferred speed. You cannot push water nor change the speed of the flow. You might try to do this by pushing on the feeling of your friends and family, but this will only slow things down. All of this becomes clear by the middle of the month as you learn to let go of your expectation and embrace the process. Expect dreams to be very vivid during the time. The end of the month finds you rejoicing in career changes and growth, and improvements in your health. You feel stronger in many ways and this feeling carries you into a glorious and colorful fall.

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