June is asking you to come out and play Pisces! It is so much easier to stay in your dreams, but the universe is calling you. There is so much love and happiness waiting for you if you are willing to step into the circle of your friends and loved ones. The month starts with a few invitations to parties and events. Resist your temptation to say no. Open your closet, grab that outfit you have been saving for a special occasion, join your friends. Let yourself laugh and remember how much you are loved. The middle of the month offers you a chance for a quiet get-away with one of your favorite people. This is the type of escape you love, so pack a bag and head out. Your soul will feel refreshed and renewed. As you head toward the end of the month take some time to organize your desk and your closet. Throw out all those items that are think you are supposed to like, including any gifts that you feel obligated to keep. Ask for help organizing your files so you have somewhere to put all that paper that piles up on your desk. This will make you feel much freer and secure. There is so much love for you in the world, and June is the month to experience it.

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