October is a lovely month for you Pisces. Your family, the source of your energy, will surround you with love. Your career goals are moving forward in ways that support your financial goals. You have a tendency to be more concerned about how other people feel, and often forget to ask for what you want, but October gives you an opportunity to shift this. You are feeling supported and loved and are willing to face your own fears.

The middle of the month finds you taking a few risks and telling your friends and family about your dreams and asking for their support. You might be surprised when they are happy to help and so glad that you had the courage to ask them for help. This is a new beginning for you in many ways.

You discover a deeper spiritual connection as the days continue to shorten and wonder why you have been so afraid. The shift continues throughout the month and you find that you are appreciated at work and at home in ways you did not imagine. This is a month full of love and joy for you Pisces, enjoy in and hold on to your new self-knowledge.

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