June starts slow, which is just fine with you Pisces. You have been enjoying the quiet alone time, and are not sure you want it to end. However, you have also been ignoring your health and well-being, assuming that you will exercise when the world opens back up again. Well, you might not want to venture out, but the world is staring to peek around the corner to tease you.

This is a perfect time to look at how loved and cared for you are, and how abundant your life really is. You do have a tendency to forget how lucky your are, so just spend a few minutes a day reflecting on that. And then hold tight, because opportunities are going to find you.

Your professional life might open up, and you might say yes to things you usually say no to. You have plenty of projects at home to keep you busy, but June invites you back into the world, even if it is with a mask on. You usually struggle to ask for what you want, so this month the universe is providing you with lots of options. Stop trying to make everyone else happy, which is impossible, and just say yes to something new.

The world is changing around you, and as an em-path you might find the global fear and anger painful. So take care of yourself, exercise, eat right, meditate, and then stand up and face your own fears. You are stronger than you know.

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