You will not be surprised Sagittarius to hear that August is all about your career. Your good work will be noticed and can even result in a promotion. You have made some wise investment decisions, and even though this will take some attention, the results will be good. Money and accomplishment seem to be your major worries in life, which is difficult for a true gypsy. This is the month to find some comfort as all your hard work pays off. You will have the money you need to support that gypsy soul. By the middle of the month, you are feeling lighter, laughing more, and feeling a bit healthier. It is a great time to recommit to exercise and a healthy diet. Food has been an odd comfort to you, one you no longer need. Towards the end of the month you will notice a bit of loneliness and turn back to relationships. You might have pushed people away and wonder if you can reignite some old flames. You have achieved so many goals, and yet there is still a craving for deep love and connection. The end of the month is an opportunity to heal some wounds and hold someone you love.

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