October finds you a bit frustrated Sagittarius over your health and fitness and wondering why you feel so tense at work. Do not worry, you are working hard and all your efforts will pay off. Take a small break at the beginning of the month and focus on your long term goals, remembering what you want to create and who you want to be with.

This is a wonderful month for meeting new people and trying new adventures. You need a group of like-minded people around you as you work to build a new future for yourself. Your inner gypsy might be crying out for massive changes, but you are resisting this message. Make sure you are making the choices that feed your soul.

The end of the month finds you feeling more financially secure and confident that you have made strong career decisions. It is time for you to leave behind the guilt that haunts you and like Peter Pan,  follow the third star on the left. In the end you need your freedom as much as you need to be loved. Adventure is in your soul, and you will never be satisfied with settling. October calls you to remember this need and answer the call of your heart.

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