The universe is asking you several questions Sagittarius. June will be the month you search for and find answers. Expect to spend the beginning of the month questioning your decisions and wishing for a trusted friend to talk with. Relationship issues and differences of opinions will be at the forefront as the month opens. There might not be a peaceful solution unless you are both willing to compromise. Expect some secrets and hard truths to be revealed. This need for honesty will also be apparent in your career. Do not be afraid to be honest with your peers and supervisors. The universe is asking you to stand up and honor your true value. You can only do this with honesty. By mid-month you are worried about your investments, but just be prepared to focus on the long-term strategy. You have made solid and wise decisions. By the end of the month you feel like leaving one life and moving into a new one. Perhaps it is time to listen you your heart and embrace your desires. Stop waiting for the perfect time and have the courage to walk into your dreams. The world is waiting to joyfully open before you.

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