June presents you with a chance to re-examine and re-evaluate your relationships with people and with money. You have made commitments you might now regret, and have hesitated in areas that now beacon you. Do not worry, June gives you the opportunity to look at what you have, what you value, and what you long for.

Your life works in so many ways, and yet you are noticing how trapped you feel. You investments might not have paid off the way you imagined in this challenging time and now you are questioning the wisdom of your decisions. Be patient. Yes, everything is slower, and the seeds you planted will take longer to sprout, but things will pick up by the end of the month. It is time for you to focus who you trust and who you love.

Take another look at your partner and remember why you are together. Do you just need some space, or are you longing for a different type of connection? Be careful, you might crave a new start, but you risk ending something that does serve you. Take some time to spread those wings and fly somewhere, anywhere, so you can get some perspective.

You might find that you have avoided your true desires and can no longer be denied.

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