Feeling a bit trapped Sagittarius? The past few months have been especially difficult for your gypsy spirit. July continues in this vein, making you wonder if you can just disappear, perhaps like the Cheshire Cat, you can fade away, leaving just a smile behind. You have probably found ways to escape, but in the end, July will make you focus on home life. You have perfected fading away, leaving any home situation without having to resolve issues. You just fade away.

The problem, of course, is that you find all this emotional stuff just a bit messy and distracting. Why can’t relationships just work when you are there and not hang on to you when you feel like leaving? Sorry Sagittarius, that is usually not how life works. So take a deep breathe.

Your life is about to change, but perhaps not in the ways it usually changes. You are not in control of this life or other people, even though you have built your life around being in charge. July continues to teach you that life will change around you, and you can make choices, but you are not in charge. You can disappear and leave your smile behind if you want, but sometimes it is difficult to return to unresolved issues. Be assured that through this you will find strength and the ability to find happiness in the life you have chosen.

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