Welcome to August Scorpio. This is a month that you might only dream of, with growth and wonderful opportunities in your career, relationships, finances, and health. You might feel like you hit the jackpot. Of course, you cannot hit the lottery if you do not buy a ticket. So show up as your true self, yes with all of your deep passion and intensity and energy, and the universe will respond. There is no reason to apologize or explain yourself, simply show up embrace life. The month starts with you bringing your passion to career and relationships with positive outcomes. This energy continues through the middle of the month, making you feel more secure and energized. Success seems to be around every corner just waiting for you. Remember that while you will never run out of your sense of passion, it is up to you to choose where to invest it. You will find that many people will be attracted to you, but only a few can truly connect with you. You have permission to honor your boundaries. You will be having fun at home and with your many projects. These are the passionate adventures you need, all of which allow you to love and feel loved at a deeply profound level.

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