Are you ready for an exciting June Scorpio? The energies are high in all areas of your life. Expect to find a new love this month, or make a deeper commitment to the person in your life. You are feeling a deep desire to open your arms and heart to a deep and powerful love. This energy spills over into your career. Expect new opportunities and a new direction to emerge. You have been pondering a new direction for the past several months. June is the time to step forward. The month starts with you needing to pay attention to your health, but this passes quickly and you regain your strength. By mid-month you are feeling energized and excited about life again. Expect a lovely surprise expansion in your family as well as in your love life. By the end of the month your money is growing as well, with the new venture paying off surprisingly well. This new direction will require some unexpected travel, but it will be worth the time and effort. The month ends with you wondering how one month could have been so magical. But do not be surprised when even more shows up throughout the summer.

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