Come on Scorpio, do you really want to keep your heart hidden forever? Like the phoenix rising, you about to show up for life in amazing ways. There might be a budding romance in the mix. Take it slow and give this bud time to blossom, but do not turn away. It is too easy for you to hide in your work, and this month is no different.

Work and travel will dominate the month, and there will be opportunities for promotions or more money, but think deeply before you say yes. You will always rise to the top in these situations, but you will have to pay with your time and energy. Your life is already so full, and you need to be a bit choosy.

The world might start to annoy you, so spend some time alone in nature, preferably near water. Your life is fine, but you have a deep craving for something, or someone, else to fill that powerful heart. Try to remember what you really crave and focus on building that. And yes, freedom and alone time will help in every area, so make sure you give yourself that gift.


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