October is a powerful month for you Scorpio. You love the autumn and have worked hard to produce a wonderful financial and personal harvest. The month opens with a sense of tension in your partnerships and you might have to back down a bit, which is not your style. Be ready to compromise at the beginning of the month so that you can move forward later in the year.

The middle of the month finds you ready to make a fresh start in areas of your life you have avoided. This might mean new or deeper relationships or new career moves, or perhaps a move to a new location. Be ready to discover some deeper aspects of yourself and perhaps an interest in spiritual growth. This sets you up for the end of the month as you shift your attention to personal development in new areas. This will set you up for a year of success and expansion.

Before the close of the month take some time to review the year. Be proud of what you have accomplished, forgive yourself for any ways you feel that you failed. Admit to the many painful moments and let yourself grieve. And then be ready to step into the new world you have created.

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