Hello my friendly Red Queen, you really do not want to yell “off with her head.” Your passion just gives you a bad reputation. Remember that passion can lead you astray, or open the world before you. Yours has done both this year. You have ended journeys that you really wanted to take, hid from love out of fear of heartbreak, and pushed hard in some ways that served you well. But honestly, would you rather be at work than be in love? Would you rather turn away from something, or someone, you crave, just to protect your heart? July will continue to ask you those questions.

July is a wonderful month for bonding, so take a deep breath and admit that you might have met your soul mate. Or at least someone more important than a play date. Take a few more steps down that spiritual path and be prepared for experiences deeper and more moving than you ever imagined. This month can be rough or joyous. It all depends on how you choose to look at it.

Career, as always, is highlighted, but again in a new way. How many hours do you want to work, and how many do you actually have to put in. Have you been using work as an excuse to not have a life? This will shift too. July finds you evaluating your life in new and wonderful ways. Get ready. Lovely changes are coming.

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