Welcome to relationships Taurus! This month, whether you are single or in a relationship, will focus on the people in your life. In some ways your health depends on you deepening and acknowledging the importance of connection with others. You might feel that you have this with your animal friends, which is fine, but might not be quite enough in June.

You stand at a gateway of choice. There are so many changes in the world around you, which you always find upsetting. It is time to let yourself accept and adapt. Your relationships will be different. Your health will be different. And and your perceptions and views will be different. It is up to you to choose how they will change.

Your health might be a bit rocky, so remember to focus on self-care, especially in all the ways that annoy you. YES, you need to exercise and eat better. YES, you need to be a bit less indulgent and a bit more on task. However, if you make good choices now your health and relationships will improve.

Finally, it is time to shift your notions of money and how you earn it. You have in some ways blinded yourself to the opportunities around you. Why not shift this while you are changing everything else?


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