What a wonderful month for you Taurus! The energy is as rich as chocolate and invites you to take care of yourself. You have been focusing a bit on others, so take some time at the beginning of the month to check in on your health. How have you been eating? Is it time to switch up and change your exercise routine? It is time to balance out your tendency to do too much or too little. By the middle of the month you will find your stride and be able to settle in to the love that surrounds you. This is the time to face your own fears, embrace your own wounds, and let your doubts drift away. Add something sensuous to your daily routine and your spirits will life. The end of the month finds you rested and inspired to invest your time and energy in things you love to do. Give yourself permission to sink into your special kind of art and tune into your own desires. Watch them manifest through the summer.

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