August asks you to shift your focus to family, friends and health issues. This is a wonderful time for you to deepen your connections and create a strong foundation for your future wellness. The month opens with the opportunity to heal old family wounds and bring issues to the surface. It is time to have honest conversations so that your relationships can grow in powerful new ways. Old patterns are just that, old and useless. These patterns of beliefs and behaviors serve no purpose and in fact undermine your personal growth and wellness. While this might be a stressful time, you feel forward motion by mid-month and will have time to focus on your own health and finances. The family shifts will actually support you in these areas if you stay open to new ways of thinking and being in the world. It is time to say yes to change, which is difficult for a Taurus, but also essential. As you head toward the end of the month you start to see the benefits of your work. You will feel physically and emotionally stronger, new career opportunities will emerge, and you change your relationship with money. All of these are powerful outcomes of allowing the earth to shift beneath your feet with an open heart and spirit.

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