What a wild ride you have been on Virgo. You have been pushing in so many areas, and yet you have not seen a resolution. October shifts your attention away from these issues involving other people and focuses on your finances. You have been dreaming about a new start and the opportunities are now in front of you, inviting you to shift your beliefs from “how it should work” to all the amazing ways it can work. You have shifted your life from the old rules that bound you to your own rules that set you free.

From the middle of the month on you will see your dreams take root and grow. Do not try to trim them into your vision of the future. If you give them the freedom to grow wild you will find new doors opening for you and new people coming into your life. Let the world support your journey and bring you new ways for you to explore your gifts. It is time for you to leave your fears behind and embrace the knowledge of your true worth. The end of the month finds you celebrating with friends as you embrace your new reality.

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