Put down your armor  Virgo and let the issues resolve around you. June is the time for you to experience your inner strength, focus on your true value, and let the battles take care of themselves. The month starts with you stating your case, learning to expect a positive result, and then letting go. As the month opens you find that friends gather around you and help you stand firm with your decisions. There will be some pushback from your family, but just let this wash over you. Their issues are not about you and never were. Turn you head toward the rich life that is growing around you and ignore the haunting voices from the past. You have done all the hard work. It is time to let unfold around you. By mid-month some miracles appear from unique and new directions. Do not doubt them or over think them, just say thank you and move on. This opens the door to new friends and professional colleagues. Be prepare to entertain these  new friends by the end of the month. You will be ready to celebrate.

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