Do not get too comfortable Virgo, because June is here to shake things up in lovely ways. Do not fight the shifting sand around you and you will be off on the start of a great adventure for the rest of the year. You have invested time and energy into moving the tectonic plates in your life, so do not be surprised when a earthquake hits.

Your home life needs adjusting. This will be the month that moving comes front and center in your life. You might not close on a new property, but a surprising opportunity magically opens up that will be hard to resist. Do not over think this, just try following your heart and let the world take care of you.

You are truly pregnant with the next part of your life. Creative energy has been building inside you and is about to burst into the world. Be ready for the world to react. You might lose some friends, but you will gain others. You might realize who truly values you and who only values themselves. Do not feel the need to explain or justify or resolve any issues. Just move on.

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