August might find you a bit out-of-sorts and wondering what the universe is trying to tell you. The confusion will lift through the month and you will have clarity about your future. The month opens with partnerships becoming more important and helping with financial gains and security. Be open to any new opportunities, even if they seem counter-intuitive. If you were sure you needed to turn left, but you have more options by turning right, then be willing to change your mind. Travel will also be important this month. Remember that it is fine to rely on friends. You have invested in them, so let them invest in you. Make sure you slow down enough to take care of your health and wellness. This might include a few doctor visits as well as changes in diet and exercise. Be gentle with yourself as you keep moving forward. This has been a long strange and bumpy road trip. Life starts to make more sense to you as the month comes to a close. You can look back and see where you have been and, even if it does not make sense, see how far you have come. Try for just a bit of patience, lovely things are on the horizon.

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