Hello my wild Aquarius and welcome to July. What rules have you ignored or revolutions have you joined this month? It is your nature to move quickly past any limits or boundaries, embracing the future on a maigcal journey. You do love to journey alone, though often work well with others if they are willing and able to appreciate creative insights.

This month, in fact all of the summer, you are on a treasuer hunt to find miracles, magic and marvelous experiences. And you will find them all. Your luck is highlighted this month, which means that you have worked hard and are ready for sychronicity and serendipity! Stay open and continue to seduce life to you.

So what is the challenge? To blend your need to be alone with your craving for friendships. To respect your own needs while helping others. To believe in magic and accept treasures without wondering if you deserve them. And, as always, to keep your eyes on a distance star with your feet on the planet.



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