Take a deep breath, Aquarius, because this is your time. Are you ready to rock and roll? This does not mean that 2021 is going to be easy or direct, but of course your life never is. This year sets the stage for the next several years, and can be life changing for you. Stay open minded my stubborn friend because you might make choices that surprise you, in fact you might choose some directions your swore were off the table.

This year, and especially this month, reminds you cannot predict how your journey will open in front of you. Life is about to show you even more twists and turns, excitement and adventures, new options and new aspects of yourself. This is the year you realize that even though some decisions led in difficult directions, you were did not make the wrong decision. Sometimes the long road is actually the shorter journey.

This year will see shifts in the groups you join, the friendships that you value, how your see your role in charity and humanitarian causes, and how your ideas are accepted. In fact, you will surprise yourself with your originality and creative eccentric self. Be ready for a year of wonderful, powerful and perhaps startling changes. You are ready to listen to and become your soul’s craving. 



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