Let’s start where we ended last month Aquarius. Be ready for surprises. Be ready for amazing accolades. Be ready for new beginning dusted with a bit of magic. That full moon in Aquarius might have send you flying, but the full moon in Pisces brings you back a bit, ready for more magic and wonder. In typical Aquarian style this might mean glitter and bats, vampires and werewolves meeting up for a wild tea party. All of which is just your style.

You might be accused of being unemotional, but this means you do not hold anger. You might have heard that look at distant stars rather than the reality under your feet. Say yes, and that means that you can believe in impossible things, and make them reality. This month stop defending and explaining  yourself. There is no reason to help others see your brilliance, or to try, one more time, to justify your uniqueness. Yes you are independent and no you do not fit a mold. Yes you are a bit of a wild wind, and no you have no intention of toning it down.

Love and success are still brewing, and will be within reach by years end. This is the month to watch for symbols and signs and to keep going. You have always taken the long way around, the more scenic journey, the one with more roadside attractions. There is no reason to change now. Just remember that great things are coming.

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