Hello wild spirit Aquarius, are you feeling the blessings of the universe surrounding you? With Jupiter and Saturn hanging out together in Aquarius, it is time to walk with confidence and assurance toward your goals. After a year of constraints and restrictions but prepared for a wonderful, possibly explosive re-entry experience. Life is conspiring to support you in all your life dreams. Last year was about moderation, but this year is about body stepping forward into a future you have worked for and manifested. 

Have you thought about being an author, public speaker, or marketing your skills and gifts. You a natural entrepreneur or corporate rebel, either way living on the loose. This might have been difficult in the past, but the doors about to burst open in front of you. This is the year of your authentic self, the year you stop hiding parts of yourself to make life work for you. This is the year you embrace true freedom without pulling your punches.

The same energy pervades your relationships, both professional and personal, with pleasure and passion rising as priorities. Stay clear about what you want, who you want, and who you are in relationships, and watch the energy shift around you. You might discover that your goals are out of alignment with your family or friends, so take all the time you need to make the choices that are best in alignment with your unique spirit. And these choices will enhance and deepen the relationships with those who truly love you. Remember, you are an expert at sailing close to the wind, so adjust your sails and let the wind fill your heart and spirit.


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