How did you like the surprises from last month my dear wild Aquarius?  There are more to come, though they may be in costume, since it is so close to Halloween. This month remember that things are often not what they seem. Ugly boring covers often protect the most marvelous stories, so look deeper to find what is real. Love and prosperity surround you if you can stop running away from your heart’s desire. Yes, you can have both freedom and love, be both your own unique being and build a strong foundation. You live best in the world of paradox, and that is what this month brings.

This is a month to come back out of your safe hiding places and remember that your wild soul dances joyfully with the storms of life. You are at an ending and a new beginning. You might not be boarding a plane, but you are setting off on your next marvelous adventure. Enjoy the journey.

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