Let’s start with a bit of wisdom Aries, my warrior friends about anger, which is highlighted with Mars in Aries. Do not seek to calm angry friends at the height of their anger. Do take this advice personally, seek to cool the heat of you feelings before you make decisions. Do not make choices based on proving that you are brave or strong or right.

This month can be full or anger or love, it is your  choice. You can rejoice when those you oppose fall, or you can reach out and help others rise with you. You can choose to focus either on  what you imagine you have lost or to look at all the seeds you have planted and all that you have learned.

Imagine that you chose to stop and attend a retreat for a month so that you could shift your life and awareness. You would joyfully accept the quiet and solitude. You would walk and meditate and pray and design the next steps in your life. The world is giving you that opportunity for free. No need to travel and pay for the privileged.  Use this time to see past anger and plan for action. The secret is to rejoice in all that you already have.

This month can bring great opportunity if you are willing to see it. Open your heart and eyes and mind and challenges will shift to gifts.

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