Hello Aries! How is birthday season treating you so far? April shifts the energy around you, creating amazing and almost magical opportunities that require a touch of courage and bravery. Luckily you have a great deal of both hidden in your back pocket. This past year has pushed you, often against your will, into hiding. You are not meant to be a recluse, and yet sometimes the world requires us to choose against our natural tendencies. But the restraints are loosening and you are about to enter the world, though with a new perspective.

Spending time looking inward has provided you the time to discover balance in your life, especially since this has been a  year of exploring temperance. This is the month that allows you to practice these new skills as you emerge from the cocoon into the bright light of possibilities. You have not lost your edge. In fact, in many ways, you have been sharpening your sword, and are ready to face the world with a new sense of energy and vitality.

Do not focus on the year behind you. While there were losses, there were also new beginnings. Think of life as paused, not stalled or stopped. And the energy you gained will serve you well now as you approach new opportunities with excitement and a renewed mindset. Be ready to be swept away by the synchronicity and challenges that fill your day.



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