This month, Aries, you are able to move beyond your fears by focusing on your strengths and potential.  You are seeing through illusions to the heart the issues around you. January brinsg you fresh courage and inner resolve as well as a sense of persistence.  

Add to this, your inner life is about to get so much richer. This entire year sets you up for personal growth and expansion. You may feel that you are in a state of suspended animation, with the present and the future both feeling a bit mysterious. This will enhance your sense of spiritual connection, so don’t hesitate to explore topics that spark your curiosity. Remember that you everything you do is a gift to the world around you, so when you learn something new, you inspire others to explore new avenues and notions.

Your career path is very much on your mind this year. You can anticipate exciting breakthroughs in this area and find ways to make your work life more rewarding over the course of the next six months. Consider what you want to accomplish by half-way through the year, then start taking steps that’ll ensure you’ve crossed that finish. Start preparing yourself for an exciting year.




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