This year asks you, my dear Cancer, to recognize that your home is where our heart is. As long as you do not let your home, your choices about your foundation, become your prison. This year, and especially this month, it is time to look at the beliefs you hold about yourself, the world you have built around you, your family, and your obligations to other.

Have you noticed that some things are not working well, or perhaps only work if you exert your will on others? Staying the course just because is the course you initially choose is not the best option. This does not mean you need to upend your entire life, the world is just suggesting that you start a new chapter in your life with fresh eyes.

Are you ready to leave behind the things you have discovered that you no longer love. You are a natural nurturer, which is lovely and marvelous. You do have the power and right to choose who and what you nurture in your life. This is the month to examine the world you have created. Do you love it? If not, think about what you are ready to kiss goodbye so you can open the door to new wonderful opportunities.

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