Hello my beautify Cancer friend! This is a fantastic season for love, feeling attractive, and finding your inner sense of beauty. And yes, expressing it. Yes, you will have occasional low points, but that is part of your intrinsic nature and connection the moon, that waxes and wanes. Don’t fight these moods, which will serve you well if you embrace them. Settle into October and stay open to exploring new options in your all areas of your life.

There will be a emphasis on your family and home as we enter into the end of the year. In fact, you would be well served by taking things easy and spending time with those you love. Pamper yourself while you are at it, preparing yourself for the rush of the holiday season and new adventures in the new year. And there will be many.

But don’t rush into the future, since there are still six planets retrograde into the middle of the month asking you to slow down and look inward at your commitments and choices, attitudes and actions. What wounds are you holding on to? What investments are you too attached to? How have all of these filled you with a sense of emptiness, rather than filling you with joy? The paradox of this month is that if you empty yourself you will feel the fullness of your soul’s craving and life journey.

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