What an amazing time for you Cancer. Can you feel the way the world around you is responding to your cravings and desires? Look behind you and you will see all the love that has supported and helped you. Sink into the present and feel the ways that you are living the life you craved. Yes, you have manifested what you desired, and it is time to relax and appreciate it. For a short time stop searching for the next thing that will make you happy and rejoice now.

There is more love and fulfillment in front of you. You can leave the battles and the struggles behind you for now and let yourself sink into the loving emotions around you. Stop trying to tweak and fix and adjust your world it is perfect in this moment. Perhaps that is your challenge, to  let love embrace you without wondering if people are loyal or supportive or on your path. It is time to realize that love freely given will come in many unique forms. Just perhaps not always the one that you have set as the standard.

This is the month let the summer fade away and embrace the autumn gifts of changing light, color and scents. Each of these is a gift of love from the universe waiting for you to notice them.

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