Oh my lovey Cancer, what a great month is waiting for you. The universe is responding to your ambitions and dreams. Doorways are about to open in your professional world, in more ways than one. This might mean you are honored at work or at your volunteer organization, or perhaps an acknowledgment that has been a long time in coming. Expect recognition in many parts of your life, and be ready to embrace praise graciously.

Expect a shift in your personal life too, with the romantic moon highlighting intimate relationships. Let love grow in your heart this month chasing away any doubts or fears. Your network will support you, as your friends want to see you in loving situations, and will probably encourage you to deepen those connections. Even a relationship of many years can be deepened and renewed this month.

The universe is conspiring to support you this month, placing opportunities and possibilities at your feet. Be ready to say yes when the message becomes clear, and to turn away from anything that is not in alignment with your life dream. 

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