Life has taken so much effort my dear Capricorn, and you are tired wondering if there will ever be a reward. This month you awaken to the knowledge that effort is its own reward. You are here to learn and to know and to experience wonder. Wonder leads you to a wisdom beyond books and facts. Wisdom leads you to a simplicity that you find fills your soul. In fact, simplicity is what you truly seek, even though you often find safety in collecting.

Take this month to clean out everything that you thought you needed but never used. The things you bought for others that they did not want. The things you thought would bring your joy that only weighed you down. Clear out the clutter of stuff and memories and worries and fears and anger so that you start down a new path. There is an opening in the forest in front of you, a path that no one else has ever walked. It is waiting for you, inviting you to enter the darkness and find your own inner light.

When was the last time you danced without fear, or loved without measurement? What was the last time you let go your need to be respected by others so that you could respect yourself? It is time to walk about from loneliness and sorrow, from depression and shallowness. You have such power and wisdom inside you. This is the month to let it shine.

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