This is a busy month for you my ambitious Capricorn. Your career or vocation (think meaning and purpose) sector is highlighted, so be ready for opportunities and shifts in your work/life balance. The new moon and the full moon will mark new beginnings and new choices. This can be a turning point in your life, so stay aware and ready to change directions and self definitions. 

You are able to stay focused and disciplined when you need to, and that serves you well. Follow your sense of excitement and let that guide you forward in career and relationships. You do tend towards depression this time of year, so remember that friends are never far away, and that spending too much money or indulging in any addiction will not solve your problems or your depression.

 Temperance is a lovely work for the month. Balance work and life, do not over-indulge in addictions, find a way to deal with depression, surround yourself with friends who push and encourage you, and remember that you need good boundaries. Perhaps most importantly, forgive yourself for the past so that you can make changes for a powerful future. You will soar this month if you hold to that balance.


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