This has been a painful year my ambitious Capricorn friend. You have tried to keep going through it all, but seem to have fallen into old ways of thinking and acting. There is no use in crying over your past decisions. It is simply time to be honest about what is not working and commit to change. Take the time to reflect on your pain and feel your emotions, but do not stay in that pity party. Life might not go as you planned, but that is true for everyone. It is time to move forward and stop making excuses based on your past.

This month and this year offers you the opportunity to release your hold on the past and what you think you lost. You do not have ultimate control over life. However, your choices do create your future. It is time to stop thinking that you can govern the world around you. 

You made choices around your career, around your public image, around how you deal with authority, and father figures. That is the past. If you want a different life you are going to have make different choices. Your behaviors determine your future, not your traditions or your past. Your actions display your beliefs, and again, these determine the life you will create. 


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