Hello, my stable and ambitious Capricorn. This month finds you looking for comfort and tradition, sprinkled with a craving for stability. Your heart is heavy from the losses and restrictions from the last year, and while your first reaction might be to hide, the sunlight is calling. Freshen up your living space, or choose to move. In fact, that is the theme of the month, choose to build your life forward from your soul’s craving. You have the energy and ability to tackle any task, and to invest, and manifest any future. 

This is also true in the area of romance. In or out of a relationship, love will be attracted to you this month. You can choose to leave a relationship that no longer serves you, recommit to the relationship you are in or open your heart to someone new. By the middle of the month, relationships will rule, including in your career. Maybe it is time to choose the types of clients you wish to work with, or how you want to relate to your team at work. 

As the month progresses you might find that your choices become even more important as the people around you make their choices since that is the theme of the month. Be ready and open to powerful discoveries, both supportive and challenging, that can shift your life, and heal your heart.



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