What a wild ride you have been on Gemini. The past year has tested all of us, and you have survived. This year is not immediately better, but the doorways are opening to your future. January challenges you to review the many ways to you communicate, both to yourself and to others. Our thoughts and words have power, reflecting our attitudes and choices. What do your words say you are choosing about your life? What does your inner voice say about who you believe yourself to be? Are you supporting or undercutting yourself?

You have a plethora of ideas, but this year you have often stalled yourself every time you thought bout committing to a direction. In some ways you have been limiting yourself and your future by thinking in terms of polarities, always leaving a door open for another choice. Take some time to reflect on why committing scares you so much.

You do not have to uproot yourself ever time you make a choice or have another good idea. Release yourself from the trap of thinking that somewhere else, someone else. or something else is better than what you have now. Start each day appreciating the life you have and the choices you have made.

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