This is a lovely time for you Gemini, well, let’s say interesting, as may you live in interesting times. Mercury, your ruling planet, spends most of this month retrograde which will slow you down and perhaps spin you around. What ever your relationship status is, expect messages from exes, or former colleagues, or distant friends and family.  On the positive side, this spinning motion can be useful if you are in need of a creative reset. What ever field you work in, some groundbreaking ideas could be coming your way this month!

Take this time as an invitation to explore new ideas and experiences. Reconnect with nature as you let your social connections expand (thank zoom for many more options) which will help you to all those creative ideas. Your mind might be spinning so make to-do lists, for-the-future lists, to-dream-about lists and any other lists you can think of to help you dream forward. This exercise could well make you aware of your personal transformations.

You are moving toward career, financial, and vocational success this year, especially if you welcome the support of those around you. Slowing down is a form of meditation, a method of seducing your future to you. It is time to blend your excitement for new things with a love for memories and friends, and to let those experiences fill you with a sense of safety and love. Slow down. Breathe deeply, Embrace the season, and watch the world bring you gifts.

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