What a whirlwind my Gemini friends! You know how to dance and spiral and fidget and launch even if there is no music playing and no where to go. This month let’s try something a bit different. What is you embraced simplicity? Think of this as a way to quiet your mind and relax your soul. Can you eat simply, drink even water moderately, sleep soundly, and be attentive to one thing at a time? If you do these things you will endure what you see as hardships with grace and humor.

You are strong in so many ways, and yet you battle your two sides. This is the month to make piece between you heart and your mind, between the sense of deep obligation and the craving for laughter. This is the month to accept that even though you crave multiple lives and places and challenges and experiences, you can only live one at a time. And this is the perfect time to do that.

Choose one focus each day. Perhaps one word each day that you will use as a mantra. Choosing is so difficult, but that is the point. There is no right or wrong in this exercise, just a doorway to an experience. Stop looking for the meaning of life and start having meaningful life experiences. Stop doubting every choice and trying to travel in both directions at the crossroads. Each is an opportunity and each is a challenge. Embrace your choice and dance in that direction.

Love is in the hints of autumn air around you. It starts with loving yourself. You got this.

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