Has life been a battle my dear Gemini? Everything is topsy-turvy around you and within you. Before you argue, telling me that you are 100% on track with life, take a couple deep breaths and think about the last few days, or even the last few hours. Have you made peace with your multiple lives and longings, adventures and plans? It is funny how our inner whirlwinds can carry us in circles, asking us to choose a direction.

The energy of the month ask you to pay attention to what you truly love and crave, and to let go the many projects and people and projections you have used to distract yourself. Yes, your mind runs hundreds of miles a minute in many directions, but in the end you will find yourself back where you started. It is time to  dance and swirl with purpose in a direction that fills your heart and soul. You might live in your mind, but it is not always in charge of your life.

In fact, there are many ways you have ignored some of the beautiful opportunities in front of you. Have you noticed that you manifested exactly what you wanted and then walked away from it? This is what happens when we are too busy doing, thinking, planning, and not paying attention to the world around us. Life is offering you love and prosperity. Stop, look around, see the many blessings and gifts around you. Now choose a direction and dance towards what you desire.

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