What a roller coaster you have been on this past year my lively Gemini friend. On the one hand, losses have kept you seeking quiet time to heal, while your inner social butterfly has craved the connection with friends and family. You are under the influence of Mars and feeling your confidence growing with the firey energy around you. Get ready for some big changes to enter your life

As the month progresses you will find yourself focused on money and romance. There will be some career or professional choices to make as you relish time with your friends and family.  These will provide you with new choices, many of which will be enticing. Your tendency is to embrace every new thing that comes your way, but this is a year to be more discerning so that you fill your life with the people and events that bring you joy. Remember, the energy we embrace is the energy we draw towards us.

This is a month to focus on your own desires and cravings, to create the life you really want, not the one that you have accepted. The first step might be to ask yourself if you are joyful while you are participating in events with friends, or at work. Use joy as a measure of the future you want to create.

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