Do not let yourself get overwhelmed my inspiring Gemini! Life might feel more hectic than usual, and the stakes might feel higher, but honestly you are putting all this pressure on yourself. Take a step back and breathe! The intensity peaks on the 10th, and then calms down. You need to put some energy into self-care if you do not want to burn out. Some of life’s shifts might be out of your control, in fact they always are, so stay flexible, and be ready to step back from over-committing yourself. You honestly can relax and spend time on yourself.

Your relationship life is highlighted this month. If you are in on, expect it to be a bit sweeter. If you are not, the energy is inviting you to connect with someone who brightens your life. In fact your all your relationships will feel sweeter this month. Love is often connected to money, so expect sweetness there also. Focus on paying down debts or refinancing loans, or building new forms of support.

The end of the is opening up several unexpected opportunities for you. You might not want to say yes to everything that presents itself, but practice listening before you decide. Do not jump in with both feet unless it will bring something you treasure. Ambition is lovely, but sometimes overrated. And, at the same time, don’t say no until you listen with your heart. This might be just what you have been craving.

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