Hello and welcome to July my amazing Leo. As always, this is a month that finds you in the spotlight, both in your personal and professional life. You have enormous reserves of energy and confidence, which can also be exhausting. Try turning off this month and allowing yourself to rest. While you are at your best when you are at the center of attention, you also need time to recoup and recharge. 

Spend that downtime thinking big and dreaming up bold adventures. This is the year that you can change the world around you by stepping onto the platform and speaking from your heart. You are a natural leader, meaning people love to follow you. Take the time to design something, an idea or plan or notion or adventure, worth following. Then when you take the stage or step to the ring you will hear the cheers you deserve. In fact, this is the month that friends in high places support you on your journey. So dress the part and emerge as the queen you are. 


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