This is a lucky month for you my fiery Leo! Even though six planets are spinning backwards, including Mercury, the ruler of communication, prepare for sweet  times as they move direct in the middle of the month. Life will shift into high gear for you, so be prepared for changes and challenges. Monitor your anger and your fear and life will unfold in wonderful ways. Your personal life will feel smooth and you will have a sense of confidence in your decisions, which will bring mental and emotional peace. 

Your financial status may need a bit of tweaking this year as you tie up loose ends.  But do not worry, your luck will hold as you adjust your focus and clarify your goals. Start by looking at the many gifts in your life, perhaps like dishes on a set table. Which fill you with love and joy, and which are there out of guilt or nostalgia? Clear the table of all the dishes that do not serve you. Raise the blinds and let the sun warm you  as you observe a table that give you joy.

As you hold on to this sense of well-being look forward into the future and seduce your dreams to you. The year has been a struggle on many levels, but you do no need to repeat those choices. The planets are aligning in a way that both challenges you to re-think and create a future that inspires you. The paradox of the month is that as you make choices from inspiration, you will be inspired. Step away from struggle and and a focus on accomplishment, and you will build a life that supports you.  

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