Did you enjoy your birthday Leo? It might have been different, marking a new direction in your life, and this month continues that journey. You are still our beloved lion and ruler as life takes you in a new direction. Do not judge the path that is opening before you. Do not worry about the opinions of those around. You alone can walk your path and make your choices. It is up to you to open choose the reality and consequences you want to live with. No judgement needed.

This year is about new beginnings as well as a new sense of strength and vitality for you. The struggle for you will letting go of what no longer serves you to make room for all the new opportunities and blessings. Love is coming to fill your heart, so let go of fear and old judgements. Wealth is circling around you, so release you ideas about what work and success look like.

You might feel like this is a bit of a death and rebirth, embracing the Phoenix as your symbol rather than the lion. There are amazing things coming for you in this life. This month your guides are asking you to release your attachment to your old ways, your addiction to being the best, or perhaps the only as you live life as a struggle. Let those memories turn to ashed in your heart’s flames and drift away, clearing the way for the growth of your deepest desires.

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