You held it together Leo through all the craziness around you. Congratulations! You have a great deal to be proud of. January does not change everything around you, but it does offer you new opportunities to show up in all your lion/ness glory. Some of this you will find out by having fun, paying attention to to play and romance (even if you are single) and creativity. It is time to commit to manifesting a life you will enjoy living.

You are wired for action, but remember that it is time to speak up, share your truth, and stop being afraid of what might happen. When you speak and express yourself from your heart you will find yourself filled with a sense of joy. Believe it or not that will allow you to become clearer about how you communicate. You vacillate between needing to be right and worrying about if, and how, others understand you. 

Take some time this month to look at your day. How much of it do you actually enjoy? Is your life living your, instead of you living your life? You could use a few days alone resetting your life agenda. There is still so much love and adventure in front of you, but only if you allow yourself to engage fully with the experience. 

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