Are you ready for the changing colors of Autumn Leo, leaving behind your summer sun? Do not worry, you have been reborn this year and will still find ways to be in the spotlight. In fact, as crazy as this year is, it might be one the best you have every had. This year you had the chance to find your voice and your power, blend the masculine and feminine energies within you, and set yourself up for new priceless adventures.

In some ways you walking away from the need to be adored and are ready to find that inner source of adoration and pride. You are walking away from your fears of being ‘not enough’ towards your knowledge that you are amazing. This is the time and the opportunity to awaken to this truth, that you are more powerful when you do not need the cheering crowd or the applause of the team. You are strong enough to walk in your own power without fear.

And because of that you are attracting people towards you who crave your presence in their lives. You  might leave a few people behind in this transition, but you will find that your world is fuller and richer without them. You have become your own source of sunshine with a bright power that will guide your next path. Even if that path is out of the spotlight.

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