Hello, my royal Leo, prepare to soar in vibrant new directions as you walk out of the darkness and into new and exciting changes. There are no limits on your directions, so take the time to choose wisely. There are so many options before you, from the world of academics, to spiritual, to international opportunities, that it might be difficult to commit to one. Remember, that there is often a way to blend these options into a wonderful portfolio that will inspire your heart and engage your mind. This is a year to listen to the surge of passion within you. 

There are been so many restrictions this year, so prepare to burst out of these limits into a world full of adventure, entertainment, and fun. Say yes to things that appear seemingly from nowhere, that you have never even considered. This will be a month full of serendipity and synchronicity, so be ready to walk into magical happenings, of course as the queen. 

And if all this makes you unexpectedly emotional, let yourself go deeply into the feelings. You have a bit of PTSD from the past year, and these emotions will surface as you step back into a life full of love and laughter, and joy.

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