My lovely Libra, do you feel the need for a nap? It is not surprising since the planets are pushing you inward to meditate, relax and tune out the craziness of the world. You might be perceived as passive-aggressive since people are used to you being available at all times, but just let that slide off your shoulders and continue to focus on yourself.

You skills at adapting and pivoting have saved you in the past two years, and in many ways you feel blessed and safe. And while that is true, it has been an exhausting time. In some ways you are like the bard who travels from town to town telling tales of love and adventure, always remaining separate from your stories. The world may swirl around you, but you can stay balanced and centered in the midst of the storm. These are wonderful skills and can be draining. A fact that you hide well, even from yourself. 

  The universe is sending you a message that is more than just about resting. It is time to revamp the way you assert yourself. You are always understanding and polite, but you might find yourself full of a bit of fire this month, wanting to tell the truth to the world around you. This might not feel like your style, but try channeling that inner fire into radical honesty and see what happens. 

This month invites you to tell your stories in a different way, full of emotion and joy as you own and celebrate your accomplishments. You have created a life worth living, give yourself permission to be proud of yourself and the choices you have made. 


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