You have managed so well  in the midst of craziness Libra. You, better than most of the signs, know that truth is a bit subjective, and at time situational. Knowing that you have been able to let your own truth evolve. Now, can you rebalance your life to match your new awareness? We cannot grow to the next level of our life while clinging to our past. Sometimes our choices about the future include releasing the past that no longer fits our life.

January will see you focused on your numerous relationships and partnerships, this includes business and contract deals, as well as friends and people you work with. You might choose to stay in situations that you have outgrown, or you might choose to leave. Or, perhaps, you might learn to change who you are in the situation and allow the relationship to change around you.

This time is about realizing what you have outgrown and are ready to release. However, this does not mean that you need to fill the empty space immediately.  In fact, you would benefit from a bit of emptiness, some open space around you. You might start with cleaning out your physical space, boxing up old memories, at least for now. Think about who you have missed this year and who you yearn for. Be willing to follow these feelings and see where they lead.

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