This is a month of walking in your truth  Libra. Luckily, this is not difficult for you. But this year everything has been a bit of a challenge. You often find yourself surrounded by anger and fear, which makes a life of truth a bit more challenging. Remember that you can always return to your inner quiet place. In fact, this is a wonderful month to create a true quiet space to hide from the world when the noise overwhelms you.

You will found yourself sought after this month. Your ability to stay calm in the face of what others consider a crisis will serve you well. It also serves others well, so you might want to make choices about who you share this gift with. Just because you can help others does not mean you have to.

This month you will notice that you enjoy some conversations, but feel drained after others. Steer away from those vampire sessions and people. These will pull you out of balance and you will find that you have shifted into battle mode, ready to protect and defend. You have every right to defend and protect your peace and quiet, but you do not have to do this as a warrior. Check your boundaries and make sure they are solidly in place. Check your quiet spot and make sure it has not been taken over with too much stuff or other people. You are at your best when you create simplicity in your life.

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