You are so wonderful at keeping the peace my lovely Libra. This might be the time to pay attention to your finances and what you desire rather than making everything work for everyone else. Ask for the money you deserve. Yes, I know that you feel blessed and prosperous. You can feel this way, gift those around you, AND value your skills. Stay grounded and connected to your foundation while staying open to interesting opportunities. 

It is especially important to clear up any financial issues in your relationships. It is difficult to grow closer to someone when unresolved money issues are standing between you. And money and love do dance together. You might be interested in alternative income streams, or perhaps expanding the work you are involved in. You are in the perfect positive to freelance and spend your time the way you love. 

In fact, if you focus on doing what you love, surrounding yourself with people and environments that inspire and fill your heart. This is the season to focus on what you treasure, to spend some tine on self care. You are always there for others, which is lovely, but it is time to spend time on yourself.  In fact, maybe you need to go on a treasure hunt.







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