Can your heart hear the call of the distant waves my lovely Libra friend? Can you tell that it is time for you to move and dance to a song of universal stillness and peace? Yes, the world around you might be crazy, but you can feel the light expanding in and dancing with the darkness. It is time to gift yourself with some romance, some quite elegance and grace. You have earned this gift.

And you need to take the time to honor yourself, to remember your soul’s journey, and to step forward on your own path. The universe is calling you to walk to the cliffs edge, spread your wings and fly into a brilliant night sky, allowing your spark to dance with the darkness.

While your spiritual life grows you find greater happiness in the physical world around you. Your home life is more content, and you feel secure in your choices and investments. There is nothing you need to change around you, just open to the cosmic shifts inside you.

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