Hello my loving Pisces and welcome to July. As always, you feel best when you are helping others, which is lovley. HOWEVER, it is time for you to let others help you. In fact, this is a month to practice asking for what you need and desire. This might feel uncomfortable, and even wrong, but it is the best way to participate in life. It gives other people permission and the opportunity to help you, and this is a blessing.

There is a reward to you also. You are able to dream bigger for yourself and the world when you welcome the help of others. This is not about being obligated to others, it is about taking your dreams to a deeper level. You are profoundly empathic and psychic, and can use these skills to build a wonderful community.

If you wonder how to do this, or what you are supposed to be dreaming, find a body of water and let the ideas fill you. The challenge for you is to become yourself, to actually take your place on the planet, and to feel enthusiatic about your dreams. It is your turn to shine.






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