Everything you do has value my lovely Pisces. No action is too minor, no learning is useless, and anything you love can fill you life with rich meaning. Collect sea shells or feathers or books if that makes you happy. In fact, all you need to this  month is focus on your happiness, ask for what you need and do what give you pleasure.

You do not have to earn the right to treat yourself, or have permission to say no, to draw boundaries. You are loving and kind and compassionate. It is time to include yourself in your life, to gift yourself with compassion and fun, to focus on your needs rather than the needs of others. It is time lovely Pisces to love yourself as deeply as you have loved others.

This month allows you to start over, to rewrite your story, even recreate your childhood memories. With five planets retrograde this is a wonderful “re-do” month. What do you wish you could return to, or relive, or perhaps reinvent? This is the time to dream your past in a new way. Why? Because we create our future from our past experiences. We can re-imagine our past and re-engage with our present, and reinvent our future. You can live the life your child-heart wants. You might have to learn to say no, or not now or not that way, or never in order to create the future. You are ready and have everything you need to manifest your heart’s desire.

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