Life looks different this month, Pisces. You  look different and so does the world. It might be time to take off your rose-colored glasses and see the world around you is all its vibrant colors. Are you ready to accept that  you can have the life you have earned if you can ask for what you need and desire? You are ready to walk into a life full of abundance and prosperity? You do actually deserve to have the life you crave. 

This year, and this month, is about believing in yourself and find the courage to take the next few steps forward. You do not need to know all the answers, you just need to take one step at a time. You might start by looking at the endings that you faced in 2020 so you can start the year by tying up loose ends. Surrender to the life you are living, to the realities around you. There will always be hidden agendas, secrets and ‘frenemies’ in the world. That does not mean that you cannot have a wonderful life. 

Remember that when you feel like you have no other options to choose your imagination. Choose your creativity over fear, and a sense of possibility over your belief in your own weaknesses. You are so much more than you often allow yourself to be. It is time to choose yourself first, to love yourself first, and to believe in yourself first. You can do this and create the life you crave.



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