This is a month to focus on your own needs my heartfelt Pisces. In fact, as usual, this is a month that you need to ask for what you need. You are standing on the edge of financial success if you will just reach out and grab it. And in fact, reach out and let people know how amazing you are, claim your abilities and talents, and proudly sell yourself. This is the month that can bring a new side hustle, a raise, a bonus, or some other magical gift of prosperity.

You will feel more passionate about your home life and might consider renovation or at least remodeling. Or perhaps you will invest this energy in a new or continuing romance, or a career move. The question is what will you choose to invite into your life and embrace? Are you ready to accept the fact that most things in life take energy, and can be challenging? It is time to end your default towards what is easy, rejecting things that take some work. The truth is that choosing to avoid challenges can be just as stressful and difficult as attempting something new. 

If you focus on your soul’s craving, choose to stand for yourself and your dreams, life will shift around you. This might be the culmination of efforts that you have focused on for the past many months. Remember, many people fail because they walk away when they are a precipice of success. 





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