You’re heading into one of your best years yet, Sagittarius! You have all the cosmic help you need to make something big happen. But regardless of what your deepest desires are, there’s one major key to manifesting them: having a clear target! Growth, inspiration, and romance are at your fingertips if you can stay focused on what you truly desire.

This month you are challenged to have compassion for others, and to acknowledge that everyone, including you, have vulnerabilities. You are learning to treat others with grace and empathy. Change and transformation is in the air, your favorite element. Lean into the wind and let your old limits and rules blow away. Consider this a way to remodel your life, your relationships, and your goals.

And of course some of those goals have to do with your finances. This is not your favorite head space, but it is necessary  as you learn to set better boundaries around money. Consider your spending habits, your investments, and your financial fears and attitudes. You might take some revolutionary steps or just change your daily routine, knowing that any changes you make know will shift your future. Remember that you can step away from commitments that no longer serve you.


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