Have you noticed that your heart is a bit closed my dear Sagittarius? This month let it open up to passions and to love. This is the start of a new world and life for you, presenting you with the choice of deeper love and memorable romance.  The moon is inviting your heart to choose love in your relationships, career, career, and life goals. But before you jump into the next adventure, running away into the unknown, take stock of your life and the future that you truly crave. In fact, the future that your soul craves.

You are often impossibly lucky, and this month is no exception. Can you choose to invest in those you love instead of running away? This month fills you with a sense of passion that you can pull into your intimate relationships, or into your career or spiritual life. It is your choice. But this month the challenge is to choose well. This energy can enliven your life or burn out your nervous system. In fact, by the end of the month, you might need time to recuperate.

This past year has asked you to delve deeper into what you truly crave. Are you focused on being the hero of every story, moving on before anyone becomes too attached to you? Are you too attached to being defined as a free spirit, or are you ready to connect deeply with those who love you? This choice is up for you this month. Choose wisely. 


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