What a sweet month October will be for you my independent Sagittarius! This is the time to look in the mirror and decide what changes you would like to make. You always have a strong attractor factor, but this month it is off the charts, so make the most of this advantage. Jupiter, your ruling planet, turns direct this month enlivening you and filling you with hopeful energy. This is the time that any project you have been baby-sitting begins to take off. 

Personal travel for fun is back in the picture, as is increased harmony between family members and friends. Jupiter is blessing you with new and deepening connections AND some emotional and psychological healing. You might feel that you are working hard for very little reward, but perseverance will pay off. However, saving money this year is advisable, as well as looking at new ways to bring money in. You may not need it, but making money is always so very fun!

Your romantic life has moved forward well this year, so continue to invest your time and energy in relationships. Do not let professional pressure distract you from this balance, and remember that loved one can bring stress relief.  Remember that anything is possible if you are creative and focus on the joy that life can bring. This is a great month to release any sense of guilt or regrets and embrace the people who bring you joy.


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