The future is waiting, Sagittarius, are you ready to meet it? The past haunts all of us, but you more than most. Stop looking over your shoulder. Yes, your past matters and made you who you are, and yes your roots run deep. But this is a new year and a new chapter, and it is time to step forward and commit to the future.

This year asks you to realize that the past is over. You cannot live in the future if you are clinging to the past. At some level you are still afraid of getting everything you want. And in fact you may have chosen to walk away from some of your deep desires. But the choice is made and you cannot hang on old dreams that you chose not to follow. 

This year will challenge what inspires you, what you are ready to risk, what adventure means and what you believe. What are your morals and ethics and how do you live them? Have you allowed yourself to explore your notions of religion and philosophy, and how they play out in your life. The world is changing around you and inviting your to embrace a new way of living. You are ready for this Sagittarius, so step forward into your future.


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