Hello my amazing Sagittarius and welcome to July! Are you taking advantage of the world opening up to take a few trips, or at least flights of imagination? This is a great time to trust that wonderful changes are coming into your life, full of lovely blessings. Pay attention to how synchronicity and serendipity are bringing you new options and opportunities.

So what could possibly be challenging about this? Every gift asks us a question, what is it that you desire? Every action and choice has a consequence, some of which are wonderful and some of which are not. What does the gift of good luck bring you? Is it a responsibility to live your truth, to help and influence others in a positive way? Only you can answer that question. Try broadening your thoughts through research into literature, philosophy, or spiritual topics. You can, in truth, make a success of anything if you invest your heart in it. Perhaps that is the real challenge, to be fully present in your choices.




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