This month is about friendship Sagittarius. Yes, I know you would rather have a month of adventures and travel, and you can have both. This month, however, your guides are asking you to be the friend you believe yourself to be. Be the friend you want to have. Look inward, passed your sense of rules and regulations and right and wrong, to the place in your heart that holds wisdom and insight and honesty. Yes, you can be and have been a good friend. This is the month that asks who you value, who do you love?

Why friendship? Because you will slow down and look around you at all your gifts and blessings. You have created a lovely life, though it might not be the life you expected to live. You are surrounded by people who love and care about you, even when you run off to your next adventure. You have built prosperity, though sometimes you do not see it. Are you surrounded by diamonds or rust?

So yes, look inward, let go of old restrictions, and be the friend you believe you are. And be ready for even more prosperity to find you. All the seeds you have planted are growing deep roots, and will grow fruit that you can harvest if you are patient. Things are taking a bit longer than you thought and hoped, but do not give up. There is another chapter in this book, and it is full of surprises.

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