Welcome to fall Scorpio, the start of your favorite season, as the days grow shorter and the dark intensifies. This is the time for you to remember that everything you are is a gift. Everything you have has a life span. This year so much as slipped away, and yet, the gifts are right in front of you. There are more gifts coming into your life. Do not be dismayed at the passing of things and people you have outgrown.

Life has been about strength and courage for you, which is lovely, and exhausting. Your guides are saying that it is time to acknowledge your craving for love. Not just any type of love, but a love that fills you and, and also matches you in strength and passion. There is no need to be the only strong one in your life. Or the only passionate one.

Have you noticed the poet who lives in your heart has been fighting to emerge? You have hidden this heartfelt, romantic, truly loving part of yourself for safety. But love calls to love, even a brilliant mind cannot speak to a wounded heart. You have both. Take this month to heal your wounds and scars beliefs you have outlived and outgrown. Face your fear of heartbreak and admit that the love you crave is only a call away, or perhaps one step or arm’s length. Love and prosperity is within your grasp. You just have to choose life over fear.

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