This year has challenged your feelings and choices and options Scorpio. It has been a wild ride to say the least. And as the deepest feeling sign in the zodiac you have at times struggled to acknowledge and express your emotions. It is not just about how you feel, it is also about what you are going to do with those feelings.

You know how to lean into your feelings, how to explore your subconscious, and sometimes walking into your own darkness. This can be intoxicating, even valuable, but also terrifying. This is a difficult line to walk, but a necessary one. It might be time to consider how you act on your feelings, and what you are afraid to express.

This time is about constructing a bridge between the deep lessons you have learned and how you will act in the future. Life is ultimately about change, and a great in your life is about to change…in fact a great deal already has.

Scorpio is the sign of the mysterious aspects of life, including bonding with others a a deep level. Love is not something you jump into, since you want it to mean forever. This is the year that you explore some of those areas that can be frightening including issues of life and death, of inheritances and money. There is much to be discovered.

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