Hello my passionate Scorpio! This year has been full of adventures and changes, many of them wonderful. And now you are tired and need some solitude and privacy and rest. The retrogrades are stirring up your subconscious, making you sense that something meaningful is brewing under the surface. Connect with your intuition and listen to your needs. Oh yes and rest. You will head into November ready to reinvent yourself with the powerful energy of the sun in your sign

This month asks that you reflect on all the energy you have put into your work and vocation. You have been very busy, and probably feel mentally and emotionally depleted. Changes are coming, rewards from all your efforts on many levels. Opportunities are unfolding in front of you, but it is up to you to choose wisely.

This year brings you powerful gifts in the area of finances and your personal life. You will deepen your wisdom and understanding of like, and feel more joyful than you have in years. Expect new and perhaps more intense relationships. You might make some choices that surprise you, because for one of the first times in your life you are taking care of yourself first, and choosing joy. 


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