You are standing at the edge of a marvelous adventure, which might look like a cliff. Do not worry, not only have the power of a scorpion to sting, but you also have the wings of an eagle to soar. This year you have explored your deep inner crevasses and ravines, and faced your fears. You looked at your wounds are found strength buried in their hidden depths. Now it is time to look forward to new beginnings in love, career and vocation. As you do the world will open up for you.

This year has been a dark tunnel in so many ways, but you  have learned and grown and are now walking from the darkness that hides the truth into a brilliant starry night. Perhaps that was the message all along, that it is only in darkness that we can see the stars. It is only when you embrace your own darkness and fears that you can see your own spark of light, the shiny power of your soul. And this is the time to find new meaning and purpose, learn new skills, take on new adventures and soar.

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