Hello my passionate Scorpio! This month will push you deep, and you are up to that challenge. You might deny your shadow side but it it always dancing with you. When was the last time you had an existential crisis? It might be time for you to realize how much of yourself you have lost in the past while pursing relationships, work, and family. You do not have to change anything, but you will benefit from examining your past as you plan your future. If you are in a relationship except it to deepen. If not, stay open to all the business and romantic opportunities around you.

The focus this month is on communication, especially in those romantic relationships. Are you listening as much as you are talking? Are you sharing your feelings and not just expecting your partner to know how you feel? If you are uncomfortable speaking, try writing notes that really express your feelings. And as you well know, love and money are connected, so make sure you ready to tackle any skeletons in your financial closet. 

Sometimes going deep does bring up old demons and dragons and devils, you know, those old fears and memories we have been avoiding. You are wonderful at moving on and forgetting the past. But sometimes those old hurts and wounds ache when they are ignored. So slow down and take the time to reflect and take that deep dive into your inner world, travel those ancient roads. Healing happens when we embrace our authentic lives. You are ready for this journey. 


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