This is going to be a busy month for you Scorpio as you play catch up with friends, family, and your daily routine. You might feel overwhelmed by the many projects and commitments that have piled up around you. Remind yourself on a regular basis to take time to rest and breathe. You have all the time you need to complete your tasks while taking care of yourself. Reflect on your desires and make choices that align with those.

Your relationships are also highlighted this month, with you making choices around who you want to be in the circle closest to your heart. There is a full moon in Scorpio at the end of the month that will shine the light of romance and love on every aspect of your life, helping you make decisions around your investments of time and money.

While not something you love, open your mind to synchronicity and serendipity, presenting you with new ways to love and embrace people and life. Leave some spaces on your to-do list for unexpected wonderful adventures and conversations. After a year of restrictions you are about to step into a world of wonder.

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