What have you found yourself complaining about my Taurus friend? Are you inviting your fears and jealousies into your house? The sages ask you to listen to your inner conversations, especially when you are arguing with your inner wisdom, or misrepresent your current reality. Have you forfeited tranquility by choosing to reject the changing world around you?

This is the month to sink into your inner sensual wisdom. You, more than any other sign, need to create environments that make you feel loved and safe. Your style may change with the season, but the need carries through. Relax, let go your need to guard against new ways of being and you will find a new energy of love and power around you, and emerging from you.

This is also the month to look in your many mirrors, physical, spiritual, emotional and mental, and decide if you like the reflection. Are you becoming the person you want to be? Have you found ways to take even small steps into the life you want? Remind yourself that it is never too late to have a happy life. You just have to choose to step in that direction.\

In many ways you have felt trapped at a cross-roads. Give yourself time to choose you next direction wisely. However, once you choose you must move. Sitting forever at the crossroads is not an option. Eventually, if you choose to not move, the world will step in and move you. You can do this.

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