You have made it through the challenges of 2020 and are ready to stand up, dust yourself off, and look at the world as it truly is. Your tendency to stay safe and comfortable has worked in your favor, keeping you safer in a crazy world. And while you do still need to stay safe, do not let that become an excuse to resist growth or inner change.

Take the time to look deeply at what you have created around you, at what makes you feel secure, what you have become attached to that might no longer support you. Look around your home, your immediate physical environment and ask yourself if it reflects who you truly are. Use your senses and see if you have created a living situation that tastes, smells, feels, sounds and looks like the person you want to be. The person you believe yourself to be.

Doing this will help you examine your beliefs about your inner rules, and the ways you restrict yourself. What are your beliefs about income and money, and how does that form you sense of self? This month is about realizing that there is something better out there than what you have been settling for. Release yourself from the fear of being uncomfortable, push your boundaries and life will open up for you.

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