This can be an interesting month for you my lovely Taurus, one that challenges you to accept changes in your life. This might not be your favorite task, but it is one that will bring you wonderful rewards of balance and satisfaction. It is too easy for you to settle for ‘good enough’ in your life, making choices that do not serve you. Early in the month try for more fun in your life, letting romantic relationships be a bit lighter and less intense. Believe it of not, this is a lovely way for relationships to deepen and grow. 

You will also notice that this shift will help you manifest success in educational and career achievement. Add an element of art, media, marketing, or performance to your world and watch everything around you expand. This will help your confidence as you face any challenges that the end of the year might bring. Focus on your physical and mental health, as well as your emotional well-being. 

This is a time to reflect on the ways you have trapped yourself in old beliefs, behaviors, and attitudes. You can choose to stay in the cave of your own making or to move forward with new ways of thinking. Do you wish to continue to delve into your old ways, relearning and rehashing the past, or approach the end of the year with an empty mind, open to new ways of being in the world. As always, the choice is yours to interpret your life through the eyes of scarcity or abundance.



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