This month starts with you taking a break and dreaming about the life you want to create. The past year has been about survival, but the year before you is about moving forward into exciting opportunities. For now, rest and plan your future, tune into your intuition and pay attention to the synchronicities that surround you. Listen to that still small voice within you.

How have you been holding yourself back? What excuses have you been using to block prosperity and growth? You need to take some deep looks inward and make some decisions. Remember that it is just as hard to live a life that does not suit us as it is to make changes and create the life we want. You are ready to embrace the future you have been craving.

The pace of life will quicken around you this year, so make sure you are ready to invest your energy into opportunities. The best way to prepare is to look in the mirror and acknowledge your own unique gifts of beauty and sensuality. Practice filling yourself with joy and pleasure, and perhaps romance, and gather your energy for a new and brilliant start.

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