The world is changing around you my Taurus friend, and it might be time to embrace this and stop trying to live in the past. Actually, you are wonderful at being present, sensually alive, as long as nothing changes in your world. And the wheel of fortune is spinning as you watch, giving you an opportunity to walk away from those things that no longer work for you. Life has brought you to a crossroads, and while you can rest there for a time, eventually you need to choose the direction and walk forward.

This of course means facing your fears of the unknown, and you have the tools to do just this. You have your sensuality, your patience, and your deep intuitive sense. All of this will serve you well as you explore new pathways and directions. Yes, you might meet your own inner demons, but you will convince them to join you on the journey as friends and guardian angels. You will discover that the parts of yourself you feared were only illusions, gateways that you constructed as a child to keep you safe. Open the gates and walk through them into the amazing technicolor world beyond them.

The month leads you into challenges that, if you embrace them, help you grow and build an even more solid future. The time is right for you to exit your hermitage and walk in the world proudly and powerfully without excuse or apology.

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