You have learned so much this year my wonderful Virgo! You guides want you to know that anyone who learns in order to teach will be granted the opportunity to do both. You have been learning in order to live your life in alignment with your dreams. You will be given the opportunity to learn, teach, and find fulfillment. All you have to do is notice that you are ready.

You are alive at the perfect moment, and ready to embrace the life you want and teach others what you have learned. The sun is shining around you as you step away from your old patterns and change your perceptions about life and the people that surround you. Stop for a moment and look around you. Can you see all the beauty?

Now take one more look and notice the way your assumptions are blocking you from building a life that you love. Can you shift your gaze from what you do not have to all that you do have? This is all it will take for you to manifest the life you want. Accept that life will fill you, even if the form is a bit different than you thought it would be. Let go of the illusion of one-right-way and you will find yourself surrounded by a profoundly loving universe.

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