Congratulations Virgo on keeping moving forward during 2020 and walking into 2021 still hopeful and with dreams. Now is the time to realize that if something is holding you back, it’s not holding you up. It is time to balance your need for the world to work the way you want it to, and your sense of resignation that you cannot create want you want. There is a pathway between stability and originality, between the best way and a great way.

January asks you to reflect on what is really holding you back. Are you over planning, waiting for the magical sign from the universe? There is something that continues to make you fear that there is no possibility for the future. Give yourself permission to honor your own spontaneity and creativity.

This time is about balancing your need for a plan, the perfect plan, and your craving to jump. This is not just about your career or relationship. It is also about your sense of obligation to the world and your natural tendency to be helpful and of service to others. Reflect on the times you are distracted by the needs of others, or the wealth of others. The planets are asking you to focus on yourself and your needs. This will affect your health and wellness. Sometimes schedules and routines help us stay healthy and on track. And sometimes they keep us from moving forward. You can do this Virgo. Take a deep breath, put your hands on your heart and take the next step in your life.

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