Hello my delightful Virgo! This season will be about revising, reviewing and perhaps even coming up with a new budget, one that includes miracles and unexpected gifts. Mercury, your ruling planet is moving backwards until the middle of the month, slowing you down so you can dream bigger. Mercury has some new ideas for you to implement to improve your finances. At the same time Venus is calling you to experience beauty in your life. Take advantage of this time by forgetting the issues around you and focusing on yourself.

Too often we give-up when success is just a few steps away. Rest now, and prepare for the world to speed up as the planets move direct. You are not in this life adventure alone, you are surrounded by support, even if you cannot see it. Ask for what you need and watch unseen hands reach out to help you.

As the planets begin to move direct you will experience some emotions you might have thought were dead. Love and beauty are fires that need to be fed, or they will starve. Offer up devotion and kindness to love and beauty in your life, and watch those flames grow again and warm you from the inside.

Start each morning with a short meditation visualize yourself at a table set with all the food you love, goblets full of drink, in a beautiful setting. This is the world of abundance and prosperity you are drawing to you. As you sit slowly sip and taste the drink and food before you, feel yourself filled with love and joy. Hold this feeling as walk through your day and let it seduce new beginnings and opportunities to you.

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