You are almost there Virgo, so close that you can feel the warm breezes of success and joy. It might not feel like that to you, but the world is shifting in your direction. Just hold your course and trust that your work is on track. All you have to do is show up in your power, head held high, with trust that you are ready. You do not need one more degree or certification, or the approval of a guru, or even a positive testimonial. It is time to show up, to believe in yourself, and to stride forward into the life you want.

You are surrounded by love and prosperity, even if you find this difficult to believe. No, it might not look perfect, but remember that we do not need perfection to grow and succeed. We need faith and trust in ourselves. We need the support of a few friends and mentors. We need to move forward. Every small step is a gain, every small turn towards are dream is masterful achievement. Much like climbing steep mountain on a switchback trail, we often have to zig and zag as we approach our goal. Each step, however, brings us closer to the summit.

The life you crave is within reach, just in front of you. Finish closing the doors behind you that lead nowhere, and pay attention to all the possibilities before you. Life is just waiting for you to say yes.

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