Are you feeling the urge to merge with those you love my dear Virgo? This month finds you focused on the many relationships in your life, choosing to build on those that feed you, and release those that drain you. You so often put others first in your life, which is kind and open-hearted, and also has been profoundly painful. This is the month to put your needs and desires first in all your relationships, including you professional goals.

In fact, the stars are on your side when it comes to finances. Sit down and calculate what you need, and be ready to ask for support. Stop apologizing for the past and start asking the universe to open doors for you. This is the time to choose, remembering that choice invests our energy in the future we desire, and the universe responds. Think of sprinkling glitter on your career goals, so they shine brightly and seduce the world to you. This is an investment in telling the universe you have what it takes to fill others with fun, laughter, and joyful change.

This is the month to debut something you have been working on for months. Have you been writing a book or preparing to speak to large crowds? Set your plans free into the world and be prepared for synchronicity and serendipity to surround you. And, while it is redundant to tell a Virgo this, make sure you pay attention to the details, but do not allow them to block your progress.

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