Life transitions challenge our sense of prosperity. Let me help you build the life you crave.

As a Transitions Expert and Prosperity Astrologer I will support your journey whether you are building an encore career, new relationships, boldly reinventing yourself, or choosing to live a powerful and inspired life without apology.

What and Who



Any life transition challenges our sense of prosperity. Are you building an encore career, moving from a corporate job to your own business, in the middle of changing relationships, or reinventing yourself in some other way? Prosperity in all areas is a dance of love, be it with our finances, career, or emotional life.  This requires we find where our heart has been broken, heal this, and build a solid foundation for our future. Are you ready to embrace true prosperity and build a future that works for you?  Working together we will face and embrace your fears, heal your broken heart, and create your own renaissance of spirit.

Prosperity Astrology: using your chart to find your greatest                                                                                           source of inspiration and power.

Elegant Life Design: a process of symmetry, subtraction, seduction, and                                                                  sustainability.

Embracing Our Broken Heart: lack of prosperity is due to a broken heart. 

Power of our wound: our greatest inspiration and power come from our wounds



I have a PhD in Educational Psychology and two Master’s degrees, one in Geology and one in Jewish Mysticism. In addition I am a trained Astrologer and have studied with with Shamans, and Kabbalists. For the past 20 years I have been an Academic Dean of Arts and Sciences, and of Contemporary Liberal Studies. Prior to that I had a corporate career as an exploration Geologist.  Together we will build on your passions and strengths, and discover your next adventure.

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