Your soul has a purpose. Let me help you find, embrace and live your soul's craving.

Using my PhD in Ed Psych, my training as an evolutionary and kabbalistic astrologer, I will support your life journey as you boldly live a powerful and inspired life without apology.

What do you crave?

My soul has always craved something just out of sight and out of reach. At times I have followed the craving, and at times I have put my soul out on long-term-lease to accomplish what I needed to do. But I always returned to that craving deep within my soul and built my life forward from that source. I can help you find yours.

What is preventing you from building an encore career, moving from a corporate job to your own business, changing relationships, or reinventing yourself in some other way? Our relationship with our life purpose is a dance of love linking our psychological, financial, emotional and spiritual lives.  Are you ready to embrace true prosperity and build a future that works for you?  Working together we will find and ignite your hidden dreams and create your own renaissance of spirit.

I have a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology and two Master’s degrees, one in Geology and one in Jewish Mysticism.  For the past 20 years, I have been an Academic Dean of Arts and Sciences, and of Contemporary Liberal Studies. Prior to that, I had a corporate career as an Exploration Geologist. In addition, I am a trained Astrologer and have studied with Shamans and Kabbalists. Together, blending these skills, we will build on your passions and strengths, and discover your next adventure.

Besides my practice, I also give back to the community. I am on the board of the SHERM journal and Shalom Park Senior Residency and fundraise the MS society and other organizations.

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