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Just need to talk or SOS sessions: Life is messy and sometimes we fill overwhelmed or lost. Think about a SOS session (or WTF sessions as some of my clients call them) as an opportunity to reach out for clarity and comfort with a focus on the issue at hand. $150 per hour

We can schedule shorter readings. Half Hour for $75

Soul Sessions: We will take a deep dive into your astrological chart looking at your soul’s craving.  Using a mixture of astrology, psychology and Elegance Work, we will focus on what this life is about for you, patterns that have held you back, and the way to build and embrace the life you crave. 90 minutes, can be split into a one hour session with a 30 minute follow up. $175

Career and Money package: Three one hour sessions focused on money and career issues, including personal branding either within a company or as an entrepreneur, relationships with wealth, and encore choices. A mixture of astrology, business and professional coaching, and Elegance work. $300

Love and Romance package: Three one hour sessions focused on relationships and what you love. We build powerful relationships when we know and embrace our own inner truths, become clear on what we desire and need, and are comfortable with opening our doors to love. This is a mixture of astrology, psychology and Elegance work. $300

Past life connections: Combine two charts and look at past life connections, gifts, and challenges. $175.

In whatever way you choose to work with me, trust that I am here to support you in creating the life of your dreams.

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