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Ongoing Mentoring: One on one sessions addressing career, personal, relationship, or spiritual issues. No long-term commitment. You can schedule a session as needed. First session $150. Sessions after that are $120.

Soul Sessions: Life is messy and sometimes we feel overwhelmed or lost. A SOUL SESSION is an opportunity to reach out for clarity and comfort, focusing on the issue at hand. We will take a deep dive into your astrological chart looking at your soul’s craving. Using a mixture of Astrology, Psychology, and Elegance Work, we will focus on how to deal with your current issues. $150.


Soul of Your Relationship Session: All partnerships have a personality, an energy that is created by, but different than, the two individuals. This might be due to a shared past life, or personal life experiences each person brings to the relationship.  This SOUL OF YOUR RELATIONSHIP session will focus on the shared strengths and challenges, as well as the powerful future you can build together. $195


In whatever way you choose to work with me, trust that I am here to support you in creating the life of your dreams.

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