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Are you at a financial or emotional crossroads, wondering how to change your relationship with Prosperity? Perhaps you are being pushed into a change or facing a profound life choice. Or perhaps you are tired of struggling through life. If you are ready to create a life that balances wisdom and desire, that fills you with a sense of joy, it is time to build a powerful relationship with all aspects of your prosperity, from money to love to health. I invite you to step boldly into this journey.

If you want to start with an intense astrological reading, we can meet in person or use a SKYPE call. This first session, which usually runs one and a half hours with follow up conversation is $175.  

If you want on-going support, we can start with a 1-2 hour deep dive into your current situation and then set two 45 minute sessions a month. In addition, you will receive a weekly email “check-ins” to help you stay on course. You will also have access to all my video workshops and one SOS call each month. This package is available for $497 a month, or $2500 for a 6-month commitment.

Or, if you want to start slowly, my hourly rate is $150.

In whatever way you choose to work with me, trust that I am here to support you in creating the life of your dreams.

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