DrkFir Kindle Cvr  Dark Fire, A spiritual adventure and Heroines journey

Tamra’s new neighborhood bar/restaurant “Embers” is booming and so is her private detective work. But something is missing from her life, and something is definitely off in the world. The alluring Count, who might actually be a vampire, could be the answer, but she isn’t keen on sleeping with the un-dead. Working with him to recover a stolen book of magic used to move Mercury permanently retrograde seems safe enough. That is until she is swept into a mystic sleuthing whirlwind that brings her in touch with the women of the Dark and ancient pools of prophecy and healing. Not to mention her pet octopus falling in love with a horse and being kidnapped. Solving the mystery and putting the world back together means Tamra has to heal her lineage wound and discover the truth about vampire love.

well   The Way of The Well, a spiritual adventure and heroines journey

“Everything that has happened to you, every life choice you have made, every road you have traveled has led without deviation to this point, to this moment. I have known who you were for years, even watched you as you grew. When I saw your face in the wine glass at the new moon I knew you were ready and it was time to contact you. The final choice is yours. I offer to guide you to the path of your divine purpose, but only you can take the first step, only you can commit to the journey.”

These words from the old woman in the synagogue begin the adventure of Rachel Cohen’s life; a journey that will take her through the ten gateways that guard Miriam’s Well. In the classic tradition of a heroine’s journey she finds friends and mentors, challenges and dangers, family and romance, and her life purpose. A richly written spiritual romance, with real characters and surprising twists.

pirate   Pirate Wisdom: lessons in navigating the high seas of your organization

We all need a compass and a chart to navigate the treacherous waters of our organizational politics. This book will help you find your way in the shifting winds and waters that run through every institution and corporation. Using tools that are more Jimmy Buffet than Blue Beard, the authors have thrived in various leadership positions by understanding their roles, their crews, their ships, and knowing where to find safe ports.


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