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DrkFir Kindle Cvr  Dark Fire, A spiritual adventure and Heroines journey

well   The Way of The Well, a spiritual adventure and heroines journey

pirate   Pirate Wisdom: lessons in navigating the high seas of your organization

Way of the Well Oracle

Kabbalah, Judaism and Astrology

Cognition and Money

Removing Barriers for Contemporary Student Success

Vision, Mission, and Values: Design and Communication

You are destined to be together

How to Start using Tarot cards

Fun article about me

Are you staying at home with children during COVID?

Who should you marry?

Mercury Retrograde is a time to heal

Being compassionate and kind

Thoughts on the Stages of Grief

Judaism and Astrology

Why we are reaching towards spiritual practices 

Relationships under mercury retrograde

Zodiac Signs most likely to Ghost you after one Zoom date

What is Peacocking and why do men do it?

Mental Roadblocks to Financial Success

How will the Sun in Pisces affect you?

Cognitive Bias in Finance

New Year’s Resolutions do not usually work

Get in financial Shape in 2020

Control your Christmas Spending

Role Model for Health

Friendship changes in 2020 by sign

Relationship 2020 by sign

Why do we keep falling in love with the same type?

Create space for prosperity by cleaning out your closet!

How to avoid getting your heart broken in cuffing season

Have you met your soulmate?

Don’t argue with these Astrologic Signs

Why does my Ex still haunt me?

Astrological signs that will cut you off

You can be a CEO interview 

Why do we back to our Ex?

Signs that your partner is hiding something

Vision, Mission, and Communication

Improve your emotional maturity

Astrology and marriage

Has someone led you on?

Why did he ghost me?

Passion, Courage, Freedom

The emotional side of money

How to live life to the fullest

Jewish Midrash in a Jesuit Classroom

How to prepare for a first astrology reading

Dating advice for couples 

How do I figure out what I should do for a living?

How to pick a college

Shoes and politics, who buys what?

Psychology and the zodiac

Change and loneliness

What do people ask astrologers

The Future of community colleges

First date question based on Astrological sign

What you need from a relationship by Astrological sign

If you hold grudges

If you do not have a YOLO attitude

Astrology and marriages

Want a quick fling?

Encore careers

Birthdays and mercury retrograde

If you want freedom in Relationships

Zodiac Best Traits

How to avoid Kitten Fishing

Will my relationship last?

Most reliable astrological signs.

Zodiac Friendships

Zodiac Signs that need space

First date red flags

Incompatible signs that can work

When should you date again

Ways to take responsibility for your life

Moms and the zodiac

How to get over a guy

Women leading women in sports


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The Way of the Well is a spiritual romance. Here is how the journey starts:

“Everything that has happened to you, every life choice you have made, every road you have traveled has led without deviation to this point, to this moment. I have known who you were for years, even watched you as you grew. When I saw your face in the wine glass at the new moon I knew you were ready and it was time to contact you. The final choice is yours. I offer to guide you to the path of your divine purpose, but only you can take the first step, only you can commit to the journey.”

These words from the old woman in the synagogue begin the adventure of Rachel Cohen’s life; a journey that will take her through the ten gateways that guard Miriam’s Well. In the classic tradition of a heroine’s journey she finds friends and mentors, challenges and dangers, family and romance, and her life purpose. A richly written spiritual romance, with real characters and surprising twists.

You can read a preview here


You can read a preview here

Pirate Wisdom is a leadership book that is more Jimmy Buffet than Warren Buffet. More Captain Jack than Jack Welch. This is Leadership for when the rules do not work. This is what the pirates are saying about the book:

Capt Jack: “Arrrrrrr, this be the chart to navigate treacherous waters, scoundrels, and find the treasure ye seek.”

BlueBeard “Avast me hardies, keep a keen weather eye to this tome. It be a cutlass, a compass, a battery o’ cannon, and a fine code for chartin yer own course.”

Bonny Anne Bonny “Buys it now, or be sent to Davy Jones’ locker by those that haves.”

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