Artist Statement.

My work uses color and texture to explore and express Jewish Spiritual themes. Using yarn and other fibers my work explores Kabbalistic stories depicting creation as an explosion from something smaller than a mustard seed, philosophical notions that the world is paradoxical in nature, and movement from chaos to form and back again.

This body of work reflects my personal journey during the year after my mother and husband died two months apart. In many ways that was a wonderful year full of adventures, blessings and love, though it was birthed out of painful change. It is my hope that those viewing this work can see the paradoxical nature of change and spiritual growth.

This body of work uses texture and color to depict organic transformation in the paradox of dancing between and within darkness and light. This is a message I learned in my studies with Jewish Kabbalists, medicine women and shamans.

 Dancing between darkness and light pieces are for sale.

All pieces are for sale. Please contact me for prices



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