Inspiring a Renaissance of Spirit

The Renaissance was a time of re-awakening in Europe, a time full of music and art and a new wave of self-definition. People who could do many things, who loved and explored many disciplines, and who tried new experiments and expressions of the world found themselves at the core of this new wave. Creativity was recognized and nurtured in both individuals and the culture in the areas of art, architecture, politics, science and literature.

We are entering a new type of renaissance, one that tugs at our passions and beliefs, inviting us to open our spirit and mind. We have moved from needing to be an expert, to embracing the power of the Jill-of-all-trades. We have been told the secret to happiness is to find our ONE passion or our ONE soul mate, or our ONE purpose. The hidden message is that we have to find the one true and correct way to live our lives, be happy, and not change our minds.

The reality is that living with passion does not require a binding limiting choice. We inspire our own renaissance when we defy the gravitational pull of limiting judgments and values that offer a false safe haven. There is no safety in living by patterns that bind and tie and strangle us. We build safety by adapting and learning and changing.

We can choose to deconstruct old patterns so we can reconstruct a life this is elegant and flows fluidly between the paradoxes. We can embrace who we came here to be by making our life a personal art form. We can remember that we are a pure beautiful soul who is here to live fully and completely.

The first step is to shine a light on the archaic beliefs that weight us down. Then we can choose what to shed, what to keep, and what to transform. When we release the voices of others who tried to mold and correct and fix and mend our souls so that we would blend in nicely with established norms, we defy gravity and fly into our own renaissance.

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  1. Hi Elisa,
    I must admit I’m not sure how to do this. I read your profile on Match and it said”go here”, so here I am.
    My name is Jeff and my e-mail is I’ll be glad to send a picture.

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