It might surprise you that the kabbalists considered enthusiasm a deeply spiritual trait. The Hebrew word “zerizut” translates as alacrity, which suggests that at times we should spring forward without hesitation. This is not the same as recklessness, rather it suggests that we stop rationalizing to the point of petrify ourselves. The Greek root, “en-theos”, means to have the divine within us. Enthusiasm invites us to actively embody our highest spiritual potential. We are asked to move forward, past our inner doubts and judgments and embrace the future that truly serves us.
        Too much enthusiasm, of course can lead to frantic busyness, which can also block our spiritual growth. As always, we need to balance these traits within us. However, we cannot merely show up in life, drifting with no passion from task to task. Simply repeating the same actions in some routine way does not deepen our spiritual connection. We grow spiritually through bringing our passion and deep desires to life. We inspire others when we commit to our visions and goals. Enthusiasm over-rides our fears that we are not good enough or ready to attempt walking a new path.
       The key to this trait is to stop ruminating about our false starts and weaknesses. I invite you to move from fear to enthusiasm, from planning to engaging, from worry to belief. As Rabbi Hillel asked over 2000 years ago, “If not me who, and if not now when?” When you enthusiastically enliven your gifts the universe will respond. Practice this for a week, and PLEASE, let me know what shifts for you.

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  1. This, by FAR , is the most poignant and inspiring comment from Dr. Robyn. I am truly enthusiastic about this current thought. I observe so many in life losing their childhood curiosity, strength and playfulness as they move further through life. Elisa’s perceptions of balance also plays into my profession where so many creatives want to know all of the answers and results, before they actually start. Life is not a factory. I will pass this current reflection for Elisa on to several friends.

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