Do you know that we are healthier when we embrace a sense of joy in our lives? In fact, moments of joy can profoundly shift our energy and spiritual vibration. Joy feels like our heart is dancing in the light of spirit, and often erupts from a sense of completeness. When any experience touches our soul deeply we are graced with a vision of perfection and wholeness. This is joy.
The Hebrew word for joy, simcah, is mentioned in Torah roughly 250 times. It originates from the Akkadian word shamahu which means to sprout or flourish. The Kabbalists teach that opening our heart to joy builds a spiritual foundation. They view joy as a feeling that emerges from an openhearted connection with others, one in which we have dissolved perceived barriers of separation. The “other” might be another person, the natural world, or a connection to spirit. Joy is not based on needs or wants, but on this sense of profound soul level relationship.
How do we practice this? By opening our heart to the world around us. Try walking in nature with an open heart, sharing a sense of connection with the earth or sea. Stop and feel the sun filling your heart and the wind whispering your name. Try seeing the people around you, strangers and loved ones, as complete humans on a spiritual journey, facing their own challenges. Experience the essence of the animals in your life. A dog is completely a dog, a cat absolutely a cat. Let the awareness of your connectedness fill you and overflow into joy. And then,yes, let me know what shifts in your life.

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  1. Thank you for reminding me to take a moment, breathe deeply, and truly consider the joy that surrounds me. It is an important reminder than can get lost in the busyness of the day.

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